Five Finger Death Punch at Carolina Rebellion 2018


Five Finger Death Punch brought the crowd to tears with their set at Carolina Rebellion 2018. Why? Well, Ivan Moody brought a little girl suffering from Cancer up on stage for the last song of the night. There was not a dry eye on the festival grounds. Not only that, but FFDP is always a fan favorite to begin with as they're very military and USA friendly. Their show was definitely one of my favorite points of the weekend. 

Red Sun Rising at Carolina Rebellion 2018


Red Sun Rising is one of those bands that isn't quite the household name, but is almost there! People hear the name and can't put a song to the band, but when they hear them play, they know their work. Red Sun Rising is amazing live, and i'm glad I got the chance to see their performance at Carolina Rebellion. They blew me away just like they do, time after time. 

Butcher Babies play secret Zippo Sessions set at Carolina Rebellion 2018


Not only did the Butcher Babies play an absolutely stellar plugged in show in front of almost 25,000 fans, they scheduled a secret show and treated fans courtesy of Zippo to a three song set. The Zippo Sessions set was broadcasted LIVE via SiriusXM, but we also got the special invite!

Watch the one of the first of the three songs here...