Buckcherry Rocks Calgary with Joyous Wolf and The Path Less Traveled on Josh Todd's Birthday!


The Path Less Traveled

I arrived early to the show to ensure getting in with ease as I have been to this venue many times you can be subjected to quite a crowd trying to enter the show. I searched for a perfect spot to shoot and low and behold the venues already starting to get packed.

I was in awe thinking wow Calgary you are coming out early for a Monday night show but I soon learned it was for the local opening act The Path Less Traveled.

The Black Keys - Lo/Hi (Single Review)

The Black Keys Single Review

The Black Keys are back. 

The duo release their first song in 5 years and boy, they certainly know how to turn the temperature up and come back with an absolute bang. 

The track written and produced by Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, was recorded at Auerbach's Easy Eye Sound Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Lo/Hi rolls in with distorted riffs, infectious and soulful vocals and, a real blues/rock feel. It is fiery, searing and dazzling throughout. 

All That Remains with ATTILA, Escape the Fate, & Sleep Signals - Hartford, CT 3/3/19


When All That Remains comes to town, you buy a ticket. Hell, you buy a stack for the whole family. Why is that? Well, All That Remains is the type of band that reels you in and calls everyone family. On a snowy Sunday in March, the locals from Springfield, MA traveled right down I-91 to give us a treat at The Webster Theater in Hartford, CT.