Robert Jon & The Wreck - Take Me Higher (Single Review)

Robert Jon & The Wreck Single Review

Robert Jon & The Wreck is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with, from the USA and all the way to mainland Europe and back again. Based out of Orange County, CA, this loveable quintet is dedicated, driven and committed to giving their fans a Rock n Roll show to remember - every single night. In their short existence, the band have smashed out album after album, as well as having played hundreds of shows across the world. 

Gary Clark Jr - This Land


"F*ck you, I'm America's son, this is where I come from."

On the title track of his new album, Gary Clark Jr paints a scarily vivid picture of Trump-era America, one that will surprise many, but be all too familiar to many more. "This Land" is a blunt, hard-hitting and gutsy political statement, awash with shimmering synths, hip-hop beats and Clark's incendiary guitar solos.