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Alber Solo And The Firebird Blues - Lookin' Good EP (Album Review)

Alber Solo

I don't normally do things like this, and to be honest it isn't normally the code of practice when it comes to album reviews, but it is not a bad thing to break the rules every now and again, right?Especially when the musician/s are mesmerising, hypnotic and play with such passion and soul. 

For me, I have to fully connect and feel the music right from my fingertips to my very toes, and that is why I am sat here writing about Alber Solo and The Firebird Blues

Knocked Loose - A Different Shade Of Blue (Album Review)

Album art

The last few years will go down in history as one of rebirth and reimagining. No genre has felt this shift more than Hardcore. Coming out of virtually nowhere with their 2014 EP Pop Culture and again with their debut full length in 2016’s Laugh Tracks, Kentucky Hardcore outfit Knocked Loose brought a very abrupt and welcome disruption to the industry.