Jack's Weekly Release Radar (Friday 21st June, 2019)

Jack's Weekly Release Radar (Friday 21st June, 2019)


Here are some notable releases coming out this week, along with a complete list of rock and metal releases below! Feast your eyes and ears this week and see what's in store!

The Hollywood Vampires - "Rise"


Veteran rock act Alice Cooper formed the Hollywood Vampires alongside Aerosmith alumni Joe Perry and actor Johnny Depp in an effort to pay tribute to Cooper's old drinking club in the 70's of the same name, which included names such as John Lennon, Keith Moon and Marc Bolan. A story of rock n' roll excess, if ever there was one. Their debut album was released in 2015 with many guest stars and featured covers of some of the best rock songs ever written, done in Cooper's traditional shock-rock style, as well as three well received new tracks. Two world tours and four years later, the Vampires are back with new album Rise, and it's comprised of mostly new material and a couple of covers this time around! New single "The Boogeyman Surprise" is brilliant and Johnny Depp's fantastic live cover of David Bowie's "Heroes" is here in studio form too! Go listen! The Vampires rise once more!

Freddie Mercury - "Time Waits For No One" (Digital Single Release)

This one doesn't really need much of an introduction. For the first time ever, after four decades buried deep in the vaults, a previously unreleased version of ‘Time’, recorded in 1986 by Freddie Mercury for the concept album of the hit musical of the same name, has finally emerged after two years of work by the globally successful musician, songwriter and producer Dave Clark, a long-time friend of Freddie’s, using the song’s full title, "Time Waits For No One". "Time Waits For No One" shows Freddie Mercury at his most compelling; a completely stripped-down performance, accompanied by just a piano, showcasing one of music’s most beloved and show-stopping voices. Just go and listen to it, right now.

Willie Nelson - "Ride Me Back Home"


Willie Nelson is a man who has nothing left to prove to anybody. He has a legacy that is untouchable in country music, and it will remain that way until the end of time. It goes without saying that I was very surprised to learn he would be releasing his sixty-ninth album (yes, really!) Ride Me Back Home this week. His smooth, velvet voice is still front and center on the songs he's released so far, especially the title track and "Come on Time," and the album seems to maintain the largely laid-back sound he's cultivated over his career. I'll definitely be checking this one out upon release, but if you haven't been a fan of Willie Nelson up until this point, it's unlikely to persuade you.

The Raconteurs - "Help Me Stranger"


American rock band The Raconteurs have returned with their first new album since 2008's Consolers of the Lonely and it promises to be another loud, raw blues-rock affair from the creative minds of Jack White and Brendan Benson. Fans of the band will no doubt devour this new album Help Me Stranger, and I'll probably be spinning it for a few weeks to come. Addictive lead single "Bored and Razed" is a fantastic and energetic taste of whats to come...


June 21, 2019
Collective Soul - Blood (Fuzze-Flex)
Critical Mess - Man Made Machine Made Man (Metalville)
Def Leppard - Volume Two Box Set (UMe/Virgin)
Gygax - High Fantasy (Creator-Destructor)
(Hed) P.E. - Stampede (Pavement)
The Hollywood Vampires - Rise (earMusic)
Howling Sycamore - Seven Pathways To Annihilation (Prosthetic)
Kryptos - Kryptos (AFM)
Lightning Born - Lightning Born (Ripple)
The Meads Of Asphodel - Running Out Of Time Doing Nothing (Godreah)
Memoriam - Requiem For Mankind (Nuclear Blast)
The Raconteurs - Help Us Stranger (Third Man)
Slough Feg - New Organon (Cruz Del Sur)