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Scott Langevin
Owner & Publisher
Entrepreneur, Husband, Daddy, and Music Lover.
Photography has been the passion for 16+ years, striving to learn new things with every shutter click. With Inside the Setlist, I hope to bring next level music media to the fans.
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Shaun Reinert
A music fan since before birth (his first concert was AC/DC while in the womb), Shaun spent his childhood in the Chicago suburb of Aurora, IL (the home of Wayne & Garth). He's worked many shows in and around Illinois and has toured nationally with Nonpoint.

He's collected a great number of unique stories which he will share with you in his column "This Kind Of Thing Only Happens To Me (Stories From 20+ Years of Concert Going)."

Shaun is a husband and a father to two sons. He currently lives outside of Chicago, IL.