Sevendust with Tremonti, Cane Hill, Lullwater, and Kirra - 2/18/2019 Toads Place, New Haven, CT


What do you get when you put a legendary band under a legendary roof? A show of epic proportion. Toads Place in New Haven, CT is literally monikered as “Where Legends Play,” and the list of artists that have graced their stage is countless.

Clint Lowery of Sevendust sits with Inside the Setlist and talks touring, his writing process, and a new solo project!


Sevendust Lead Guitarist, Clint Lowery had some time to talk to us the other day. We had a chance to talk about their upcoming tour with Tremonti, Lullwater, Cane Hill, & Kirra. Not only did we discuss the tour and what he looks forward to, he gave us some insight on how he writes a record, as well as a hint to when his Solo Album will be out! Take a listen!