The Damned Things - The Brooklyn Bazaar - 5/7/2019

The Damned Things - The Brooklyn Bazaar - 5/7/2019


On May 7th, 2019, The Damned Things made their stop in Brooklyn, NY amid their spring tour in support of their newest release on Nuclear Blast Records, High Crimes. If you know what superstars were in this supergroup, you would have been waiting online for the tickets sales to start; and good thing I did because these guys managed to sell out The Brooklyn Bazaar. Although the venue was tight knit, the band successfully packed a crowd of 700 into the main ballroom.

He is Legend opened up the show with a strong set. Although I did not know them prior, they definitely made a lasting impression on me. Their energy was 15/10 and matched the excitement level of the crowd. The guitars were so on point that even though I couldn't hear the vocalist very well, I didn't mind. I even ran into a few members at a pizza joint a few doors down and they were more humble than you could imagine.

Crobot nicely transitioned from hardcore screaming to heavy, but not too heavy. Now these guys were definitely showmen with their mythodical lyrics and cosmic rhythms. The lead guitarist Chris Bishop, was able to swing his guitar around his back and not miss a beat, and singer Brandon Yeagley wore a bright blue sparkly jacket. From doing tricks with the microphone, to Brandon riding on Chris' shoulders mid set, the boys kept me on my toes. Crobot was so in sync, that when the Chris' pedals caused the guitar to stop working, the set continued to go on without hesitation. They were definitely the perfect fit for the bill. 

Towards the end of the night, the crowd was getting a little chaotic. But that's what hardcore shows are all about.

"Brooklyn was like s crazy basement show from the 90s." -Joe Trohman, Guitarist

Before I continue about how killer The Damned Things were, let's just talk about the insanely talented artists that are a part of this band.

Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley (Fall Out Boy)
Scott Ian (Anthrax)
Keith Buckley (Every Time I Die)
Dan Andriano (Alkaline Trio)

Check out this video of "Cells" by The Damned Things if you're still skeptical or don't know what they're all about! 

Personally, hardcore shows aren't my cup of tea. I prefer to go to shows and not have to worry about people pushing and shoving me around. But, being a huge Fall Out Boy fan, I saw my opportunity to see and meet half of my favorite band (and I met them, so life goal achieved! Unfortunately, I was only able to see a few songs before the show got too hectic. The band could have had a little more liveliness, but I seeing the crowd made up for it tenfold.  

Their set featured songs off their new album High Crimes and they even pulled out some old ones as well. Even though I went to the show as a Fall Out Boy fan with no prior knowledge of their catalogue, I had the time of my life!

Here's the setlist from The Brooklyn Bazaar.

1. Ironiclast

2. Friday Night (Going Down in Flames)

3. Omen

4. Bad Blood

5. Handbook for the Recently Deceased

6. Something Good


8. A Great Reckoning

9. Black Heart

10. Invincible

11. Carry a Brick

12. Graverobber

13. We've Got A Situation Here

Catch them on the rest of their tour HERE