Whitesnake presents The Flesh and Blood Tour - The Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ 5/7/19

Whitesnake presents The Flesh and Blood Tour - The Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ 5/7/19


Inside the Setlist had the opportunity to head over to the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ to check out the legendary Rock-n-Roll band Whitesnake, who were out on the road touring in support of their new album Flesh & Blood.  

I must admit, I was a bit excited about this gig since, after all, I grew up with this generation of "80's Bands", (still young at heart) and had all of the legendary hard rockers blasting in my ear from the "boombox" rigged from the ceiling of my parents 1979 yellow Jeep Cherokee. This may explain the slight hearing loss that I suffer from today. In any event, the night opened, with what turned out to be a fantastic band called The Black Moods. Sadly, I must admit, I've never heard or listened to them before, but let me say this, after seeing them in New Jersey, I'm now a fan!! They came out strong and immediately got the crowd engaged. Starting off the eight song setlist with "Without A Warning", they hammered out some amazing tracks and even played their newest single, "Bad News". My advice is to get the latest single and check them out. You won't be disappointed! 

Immediately following, it was time for the legends in Whitesnake to take the stage, and boy did they! The crowd was pumped and it was standing room only, when they started off their 13-song setlist with "Bad Boys". That certainly got the crowds attention! Admittedly so, it was hard at times to snap some photos being such a fan myself, but I managed to maintain my head from bouncing and belting out some lyrics. They probably would have thrown me out if my voice echoed any sign of a song! None the less, the band conquered the stage, interacting with the crowd every beat of the way. They played all their powerful hits, including some from their newest album Flesh & Blood, which is killer by the way! "Gonna Be Alright", "Shut Up & Kiss Me" and "Get up" were just a few on the New Jersey setlist. Whitesnake was everything one would expect them to be, hard drumming and heavy guitar playing. It's good to know that these guys are still out there slamming away with the songs that made a generation never forget where it all started!


1.  Bad Boys

2.  Slide it in

3.  Gonna Be Alright

4.  Love Ain't No Stranger

5.  Hey You

6.  Slow & Easy

7.  Trouble is Your Middle Name

8.  Shut Up & Kiss Me

9.  Get Up

10.  Is This Love

11.  Gimme All Your Love

12.  Here I Go Again

13.  Still of the Night


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