Crossing Rubicon- Seeing Red (Album Review)

Album Artwork

From the day that I met Crossing Rubicon frontman Scott Wawrzyniak, I knew there was something special about him. This was a man who refused to let his dreams die and would work endlessly to achieve them. Instead of just talking about what he wanted to accomplish, he would work relentlessly to make sure that everything that he wanted would materialize into existence.

Metallica Rocks Boise, ID 11/28/18



The name says it all. Growing up in the 1990’s, my mother was your typical “rocker chick,” who was raising a young boy, with her big hair, bright colored pants and a band tee, cassette player on the hip, and always listened to great tunes. I was brought up on the hair and thrash metal of the 80’s and 90’s. When people say that style of music is gone, they’re mistaken!