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The Get Up Kids - Problems (Album Review)

The Get Up Kids - Problems

Something very unusual happened in the last few years. As the 2010's began coming to a close, a genre long thought dead made a surprising revival: Emo. I am not talking about Emo acts like Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance or Taking Back Sunday, the type of emo I am referring to feels a lot more like their forefathers The Promise Ring, Braid, and Texas is the Reason.

Gary Clark Jr - This Land


"F*ck you, I'm America's son, this is where I come from."

On the title track of his new album, Gary Clark Jr paints a scarily vivid picture of Trump-era America, one that will surprise many, but be all too familiar to many more. "This Land" is a blunt, hard-hitting and gutsy political statement, awash with shimmering synths, hip-hop beats and Clark's incendiary guitar solos.

Emigrate: A Million Degrees

Emigrate album review

Richard Z Kruspe may not be a household name; but if you’re a rock and metal fan, you’ll definitely have heard of his main project, Rammstein. Kruspe is the lead axe-swinger and one of the chief songwriters for the industrial metallers, however his solo project Emigrate is where he truly shines.