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Crossing Rubicon- Seeing Red (Album Review)

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From the day that I met Crossing Rubicon frontman Scott Wawrzyniak, I knew there was something special about him. This was a man who refused to let his dreams die and would work endlessly to achieve them. Instead of just talking about what he wanted to accomplish, he would work relentlessly to make sure that everything that he wanted would materialize into existence.

The Get Up Kids - Problems (Album Review)

The Get Up Kids - Problems

Something very unusual happened in the last few years. As the 2010's began coming to a close, a genre long thought dead made a surprising revival: Emo. I am not talking about Emo acts like Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance or Taking Back Sunday, the type of emo I am referring to feels a lot more like their forefathers The Promise Ring, Braid, and Texas is the Reason.

Emigrate: A Million Degrees

Emigrate album review

Richard Z Kruspe may not be a household name; but if you’re a rock and metal fan, you’ll definitely have heard of his main project, Rammstein. Kruspe is the lead axe-swinger and one of the chief songwriters for the industrial metallers, however his solo project Emigrate is where he truly shines.