Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown - On To The Next (Single Review)

On To The Next

If you haven't heard of Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, where the hell have you been? 

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown is a rock & roll band from Nashville, TN. They have knocked out 3 studio albums since 2013 and have been taking the world by storm on a daily basis. On March 29th, the band gave the world a glimpse into their new album with the release of their new single, On To The Next.  

The Black Keys - Lo/Hi (Single Review)

The Black Keys Single Review

The Black Keys are back. 

The duo release their first song in 5 years and boy, they certainly know how to turn the temperature up and come back with an absolute bang. 

The track written and produced by Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, was recorded at Auerbach's Easy Eye Sound Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Lo/Hi rolls in with distorted riffs, infectious and soulful vocals and, a real blues/rock feel. It is fiery, searing and dazzling throughout.