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5FDP, Three Days Grace, Bad Wolves, Fire From The Gods - Madison, Wisconsin - 12/11/2019

While finishing up their fall tour, Five Finger Death Punch made a stop in Madison, Wisconsin, on Wednesday, December 11, at the Alliant Energy Center. Joining them on this tour is Three Days Grace, Bad Wolves, and Fire From The Gods.

Fire From The Gods was first to hit the stage. Coming out of Austin, Texas, Fire From The Gods flawlessly blends metal, rock, and hip-hop to deliver a unique sound while focusing their songs meaning on issues that everyone deals with, such as racism, abuse of power, political unrest, technological overload, and environmental apathy.

Fire From The Gods was the perfect band to start the night of headbanging and moshing. Though the set was short, it was energy packed the entire time, and much of this energy was given to the crowd. Fire From The Gods easily gained many new fans after a performance like this.

Next up for the night was LA-based band, Bad Wolves. Having gained a lot of popularity since their hit cover song of The Cranberries’, "Zombie", it was no surprise the band had a massive turn out of fans. Bad Wolves is also out supporting their newest record on this tour, N.A.T.I.O.N.

If you haven't seen Bad Wolves in concert before, the band has no issues interacting with the crowd. Many times during the set, vocalist Tommy Vext took small breaks between songs to talk with the crowd, even on social matters such as suicide prevention and respecting the country we live in. As always, the band sounded phenomenal and continued to build the anticipation for the headliner.

Bad Wolves' Setlist:

No Messiah

Foe or Friend

Remember When

Learn to Live

Killing Me Slowly

I'll Be There


Last up for the supporting acts of the night was Three Days Grace. Having not played in Madison since 2013, there was much anticipation in the audience for their set. Promptly taking the stage at 8:10 pm, Three Days Grace started with their hit song, "The Mountain". For a band that has been around for 22+ years and counting, you wouldn't be able to tell. Everyone in the band sounded amazing and put their all into the performance.

Three Days Grace's Setlist:

The Mountain


The Good Life




I Hate Everything About You

Animal I Have Become (Seven Nation Army played during middle of song)

Never Too Late


Last up for the night was, of course, Five Finger Death Punch. Unlike previous acts throughout the night, a large curtain was raised while stagehands finished the final preparations. Once the lights went down, grunts could be heard, which followed by the audience chanting along. Once the curtain fell, the band went into Lift Me Up, and the crowd went berserk. Vocalist Ivan Moody’s stage theatrics are always a treat to witness, and fortunately, this performance was no exception. New drummer Charlie Engen pounded those drums with something fierce, proving to Madison why he was the perfect replacement for former drummer Jeremy Spencer.

Guitarist Zoltan Bathory was a little more reserved in his performance than previous times in Madison; this could be partially due to the boot he was wearing on his leg. Guitarist Jason Hook was also a little more reserved, not running around and being as energetic as usual. Though after the following nights show in Duluth, MN being canceled last minute due to an emergency with Jason’s gall bladder, it's understandable why he wasn't running and jumping. For obviously being uncomfortable and unlikely in pain, Jason's performance was astounding.

Unfortunately, due to Jason’s medical condition, the last three remaining shows of the tour are to be rescheduled, making Madison’s show the last stop of the tour.

As always, Five Finger Death Punch delivered to the fans in an epic performance. We’d like to wish Jason and Zoltan the best, and a speedy recovery!

Five Finger Death Punch’s Setlist:

Lift Me Up


Wash It All Away

Jekyll and Hyde

Sham Pain

Bad Company

No One Gets Left Behind

Got Your Six

Wrong Side of Heaven

Battle Born

Blue on Black

Coming Down

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