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  • Mariusz Rdultowski

A Day to Remember - Resentment (Single Review)

On November 22nd, A Day to Remember (Ocala, FL) released their latest single titled “Resentment”, while the band gears up for the launch of their seventh studio album, You’re Welcome. A Day to Remember is a major presence on the scene, having been around since 2003 and seen major success with a massive following of fans. Their sound incorporates qualities from a variety of genres such as metalcore, pop punk, and post hardcore, resulting in a unique listening experience that envelopes you in some of the best that rock has to offer. From the hard breakdowns and screams to the gorgeous guitar rhythms and melodies, A Day to Remember have shown they are masters in their art. With the release of their two singles, “Resentment” and “Degenerates”, the band is once again combining their distinctive sound with some new vibes that are shaping up to be something incredibly special. “Resentment”, as well as the rest of A Day to Remember’s discography, is streaming on Spotify and other services, and I definitely recommend checking them out!

Powerful guitars riffs, captivating bass lines, superb drumming, and a killer breakdown all combine into an impressive single in “Resentment”. The song begins with a soft guitar hook that amasses energy as other melodies slowly fade in, finally rupturing into an explosive release that sets the tone for the rest of the track. A similar build up can be felt as “Resentment” flows into the thrilling chorus, with the fire and electricity rising inside of Jeremy McKinnon’s voice before unleashing into an eruption of intense emotion. The breakdown towards the end of the track embodies all of the classic A Day to Remember characteristics, including being exquisitely executed and providing a concentrated burst of pure passion. The entire song sounds amazing and I wholeheartedly enjoy listening to it on repeat. I am tremendously excited to see what else the band has in store when You’re Welcome gets released early next year.

Inside the Setlist gives A Day to Remember’s “Resentment” a solid 4.5 of 5 mics!


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