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Adelitas Way Hits Madison, Wisconsin - 5/5/2019

A beautiful summer-like day followed by rain and thunderstorms made for the perfect night for a rock show in downtown Madison this past weekend. Adelitas Way graced The Majestic Theater with their catchy tunes and brought along supporting artists American Sin and Blacklite District. The show surprisingly drew a large crowd for being on a Sunday night.

Doors for the venue opened at 7 pm, which was a blessing for those who were waiting outside caught in the rain. The show was set to start at 8 pm, which the crew and venue staff did a phenomenal job of keeping the schedule.

American Sin, a band based out of Ohio, was first to hit the stage. Having never heard of these guys before, I was impressed by not only their sound but their stage presence and amount of energy they brought. Unfortunately, the original vocalist was unable to perform this tour as he is at home with a newborn baby. However, the fill-in did an incredible job filling the role. American Sin's set lasted around 30 minutes, ending at 830 pm. 

After a brief gear tear down, Blacklite District was set to tear the stage up next, or so I thought. Having heard With Me Now by Blacklite District on my Spotify's suggested music, I admittedly was excited to see these guys. When I saw that their gear setup consisted of a wannabe DJ booth, I started to wonder what we were about to endure. A band in which I thought would steal the show away, ended up being two vocalists switching between singing and pressing buttons on a laptop. Roman James, vocals and guitarist, had a great voice and put a ton of energy into the performance but it was near impossible to tell what he was playing on guitar and what was prerecorded. Kyle Pfeiffer brought a ton of energy. However, I feel he forgot this was a rock show, not a hip hop show. What was the most surprising part of their set was when Kyle yelled: "Let's get heavy!" followed by a brief pause and what appeared to be the press of a button on his laptop. Don't get me wrong, I love rock bands that incorporate electronics into their music, but myself with the rest of the venue, didn't seem to enjoy the fact that a laptop replaced the would be drummer and bass player. I give these guys credit for being creative and putting their all into their performance, but I feel this show may not have been the best setting for them.

After the quickest set tear down I've ever seen, the Adelitas Way crew was set up and ready to go faster than you could say "lets rock!".

Adelitas Way is a top favorite among the Madison rock community. Having played many events sponsored by local radio station, 94.1 WJJO, they have grown a sizeable following throughout the years. While chatting with people around me, there were patrons from all over the state to see these guys perform. I don't think I've seen Adelitas Way perform before, and I honestly don't know what I was thinking by waiting this long to do so. These guys put on a one of a kind performance, something that you would expect to see at a stadium/arena concert. The energy, interactions with the fans in the crowd, catchy melodies, what isn't there to love about these guys? Adelitas Way made sure to play most of their hit songs, which the audience went crazy over.

Adelitas Way setlist:

What It Takes Sick Still Hungry Vibes Ready for War Last Stand Bad Reputation Alive Tell Me Cage The Beast Criticize Notorious Rage Jam Invincible

A few dates are remaining for this tour (supporting acts may vary depending on the venue/city). Take the time to give these guys some love and check out the show if you're able!

Tue, MAY 7 RocHaus West Dundee, IL

Wed, MAY 8 Every Buddy's Bar & Grill Chippewa Falls, WI

Thu, MAY 9 Fine Line Music Cafe Minneapolis, MN

Fri, MAY 10 The Bourbon Lincoln, NE

Sat, MAY 11 Marquis Theater Denver, CO

Sun, MAY 12 Black Sheep Colorado Springs, CO

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