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Alber Solo And The Firebird Blues - Lookin' Good EP (Album Review)

I don't normally do things like this, and to be honest it isn't normally the code of practice when it comes to album reviews, but it is not a bad thing to break the rules every now and again, right?Especially when the musician/s are mesmerising, hypnotic and play with such passion and soul.

For me, I have to fully connect and feel the music right from my fingertips to my very toes, and that is why I am sat here writing about Alber Solo and The Firebird Blues.

The Lookin' Good EP was released in 2018, it consists of classic blues tracks from yesteryear, but brings them into the present, and it was only last weekend when I was introduced to this amazing talent that has been missing from my life.

Alber has shared the stage with the New York Dolls, Warrior Soul, Sebastian Bach, Michael Monroe, Imperial State Electric, The Fuzztones and Sex Museum, to name a few!

The EP starts off with title track, "Lookin' Good," which was originally by Magic Sam, kicks off the EP perfectly, with such groove and true blues flow. This instrumental opener (apart from a few lookin' good, baby) sets the mood with fiery, soulful notions. The guitar sings and captivates the listener with its intricate licks and it makes you wanna move and groove. "I'm Tore Down" is raunchy, rhythmic and full of heart. This song originally by Freddie King will literally tear you down. It shows off a classic sound with a modern day twist, allowing it to sound fresh and brand new.

"All Of Your Love" slows the tempo right down, for this passionate and profound number. It is authentic, stirring and you can really feel it hit you. This track was originally made famous by the great Magic Sam, and Alber certainly knows how to make him proud as he nails this song from start to finish. "Three O'Clock Blues" is spiritual, inspiring and romanticises while calling out to your soul. Hypnotic and intricate guitars sing and stand prominent for all hear and breathe. B.B King created this treasure many years ago, but Alber is reigniting the flame.

"Born Under A Bad Sign" is as infectious and spellbinding as the first time around when Albert King showed the world what he could do. It is traditional blues through and through, and Alber keeps that essence alive, while making it sound quite astounding. Striking guitars stand out, while showing off plenty of flow. "Going Down" brings the EP (Digital Version) to its close, with this funk filled, pulsating and rhythmic number. It is full of attitude throughout, which you can't deny. A cracking blues filled track which will stay in your head for days. Freddie King would be proud.

When you first listen to this EP, it takes you a moment to realise that these tracks are covers and not original material. Alber makes them his own by adding modern and fresh elements to each one, yet still keeping the real blues sound alive.

If you are a fan of the blues, it will be love at first listen.

Lookin' Good EP is available on Apple Music and Spotify.

To keep up to date, head over to Alber's Instagram and hit the follow button.


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