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All That Remains with ATTILA, Escape the Fate, & Sleep Signals - Hartford, CT 3/3/19

When All That Remains comes to town, you buy a ticket. Hell, you buy a stack for the whole family. Why is that? Well, All That Remains is the type of band that reels you in and calls everyone family. On a snowy Sunday in March, the locals from Springfield, MA traveled right down I-91 to give us a treat at The Webster Theater in Hartford, CT.

Given the recent events with their Lead Guitarist Oli Herbert passing away suddenly, it was uncertain which path the band would take. Their album literally was to come out the week of his death. Despite all the drama and sadness, the tour plans and the album coming out were still full steam ahead. Luckily for All That Remains, Oli's good friend and former Blessthefall guitarist Jason Richardson stepped in and was also named the new permanent guitarist. Oli would have loved this choice. 

With this tour just freshly underway, Sleep Signals, from Minnesota was tabbed as the opener. Being an independent band, you'll always be able to catch these guys at their merch table after their show. If you have a chance to check them out on this run, I suggest getting there early enough to hang with these guys, buy some of the coolest gear of any bands out there right now, and pick up their newest record! 

Escape The Fate was one of the favorites of the night, these fellas have been doing their thing for just over 15 years, hitting billboard charts, and creating an epic show for the diehards with "Thrasher's" signature licks. 

Due up before All That Remains was none other than ATTILA. Dubbed "The Horniest Band on The Planet," by Phil from All That Remains, Attila came out to play! With the house being as packed as it was, I don't think i'd ever seen a circle pit that large in this venue before. From front to back, wall to wall, there was not a space that was void. The energy in Attila's set was absolutely incredible and one for the ages. Frontman "Fronzilla" directed the amped up crowd every step of the way too. Check out this fan filmed video of their song "Toxic" from this show.

ATTILA definitely won the night for me when it came down to best performance. 

All That Remains took the stage around 9:30pm, already a few inches of snow on the ground, people we settled in to the venue and knew they were in it for the long haul. Rocking the house for a solid hour and a half, with a short moment of silence and a few words to pay respects to Oli Herbert, the mood changed from an epic metal night, to a hug your neighbor sort of vibe in an instant. This wasn't a bad thing, as it showed everyone just how precious life can be. We'll all miss Oli, but we have his music to listen to forever, and that is something to cherish. 

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