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Alter Bridge - Walk The Sky (Album Review)

I admit it has taken me a moment to gather or even process my feelings for the latest release from hard rock band, Alter Bridge. I want my words to truly do it justice and to convey what a masterpiece Walk The Sky is. Now I know you're probably thinking that I am biased, what with Alter Bridge being my favourite band for the past 9 years, but when I put my critic head on I only speak the truth and how the music makes me feel.

Walk The Sky opens with "One Life" which is a short intro which creates the atmosphere effortlessly with Myles' haunting and elevating vocals, and before you know it first single "Wouldn't You Rather" kicks into gear at such a heavy pace. A track which certainly means business and has no intent of backing down, as it powers through at full throttle. "In The Deep" pulls you in deep with its melodic vocals, strength and sharpness. This song shows off outstanding songwriting and tight musicianship throughout.

"Godspeed" starts off with an 80s synth sound, and from that moment onwards you will be hooked, intrigued, and singing the lyrics before you even know it. It is infectious, captivating and a making of something which is beyond our world. "Native Son" comes into focus with haunting and eerie sounds, before kicking in to reveal its true self. It is fresh, heavy and the metal riffs most definitely guide the way. Side note - this is the first song on the album which became an instant favourite of mine.

"Take The Crown" is heavy hitting, dark and intriguing. It stands strong and prominent throughout, while showing off what a real treasure it is. "Indoctrination" is alluring, satisfying and hypnotising from the starting gate. It is absolutely fascinating without question. The track knows how to lead the way without surrendering its belief. "The Bitter End" is angelic, spellbinding and absolutely enthralling, therefore creating a very atmospheric number throughout.

It is angelic, spellbinding and absolutely enthralling......

Second single "Pay No Mind" is beefy and certainly knows how to give that extra push to create an outstanding track. An absolute banger of a tune from start to finish. "Forever Falling" shows that Mark can most definitely take the lead vocal and run with it. It is truly immense from start to finish, while he throws down with a cracking opening riff. "Clear Horizon" keeps with the heavy while the melodies pour and show off a truly enigmatic track.

"Walking On The Sky" hits you deep in the gut with so much feeling and emotion. At first it is overwhelming before you allow it to take you to a higher plain, and really work its magnificent presence on you. "Tear Us Apart" is uplifting, endearing and full of hope. Another outstanding track of epic proportion."Dying Light" is soulful, stunning and radiates for eternity. It is everything you would expect from a closing number, and more.

I don't think I will ever have enough words to explain what a beautiful masterpiece this record is and how it is a definite contender for album of the year, but I will leave you with these final words.....

Walk The Sky is inspiring, evoking and compelling from start to finish.

Walk The Sky is available worldwide.

For news and tour dates, please visit the bands Facebook page.

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