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Billy Howerdel with VOWWS at Brighton Music Hall - July 5, 2022

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Fans showed up early to the Brighton Music Hall in Allston, MA to experience the sights and sounds of Billy Howerdel and VOWWS. The venue was the perfect intimate setting for these two acts.

VOWWS started off the night with their unique brand of dark, industrial rock. The Australian duo of singer-guitarist Matt and singer-keyboardist Rizz have described their sound as "death pop" which is extremely fitting.

Much of the forefront of VOWWS set was dark and bathed in red. The focus was on the music, of course, as well as the background visuals. The duo has previously expressed their passion for visuals whether that be photographs or film. They have stressed the importance of visuals during their creative process indicating that art has been used as an inspiration for some of their lyrics/music.

VOWWS recently opened for such acts as Gojira and the legendary Deftones. Now opening for another iconic figure, Billy Howerdel, it is impressive to say the least. The Australian's have relocated to Los Angeles, CA so it will be interesting to see how they continue to grow.

VOWWS Setlist

The Season

The Great Sun

Losing Myself

You Never Knew

Waiting for Me

Inside Out


Symbol System



Impulse Control

Pulls Me Apart

One by One

VOWWS Gallery

Billy Howerdel is infamously known as the guitarist of A Perfect Circle as well as for the band ASHES dIVIDE. Howerdel started putting out music as a solo artist in 2022 with his album release "What Normal Was" being released just last month in June 2022. Already fans have learned his songs and many have even memorized his lyrics.

Howerdel began his set with the song "Beautiful Mistake". As he started to appear from the darkness his song began to build with energy and musical complexities. It's hard to select a fan favorite when the album is so new, but "Follower" had to be one of the top songs of the night. Fans were also treated with the ASHES dIVIDE song "Forever Can Be" which was a wonderful surprise for his long-term fans. With the level of enthusiasm and support fans are showing this early on in his solo career it looks like it will be a huge success for Billy Howerdel.

Billy Howerdel Setlist

Beautiful Mistake

The Same Again


Bring Honor Back Home

Selfish Hearts

Poison Flowers (With Greyson Nekrutman drum solo)


Forever Can Be (ASHES dIVIDE song)

Free and Weightless

EXP (with Ava Williams)

Stars (with Hannah Vandermolen)

Billy Howerdel Gallery

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