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Boston Manor, Microwave, Heart Attack Man, Selfish Things at The Shelter in Detroit 12/17/2019

Boston Manor played at The Shelter in Detroit on Tuesday, December 12th to a highly enthusiastic and sold-out crowd. Detroit was Boston Manor's 21st stop out of 24 cities on their winter tour. Rocking out with them was Microwave, Heart Attack Man and Selfish Things.

Selfish Things started off the night. Lead singer, Alex Biro engaged the crowd by explaining what its been like being on tour and introducing themselves. Selfish Things come from Toronto, Ontario. This group has a pop punk feel while sounding heavy at the same time. They have written beautiful lyrics to back up their sound. Alex sat down to sing the song "Synaptic" at the piano and showed off his fantastic vocal talent. I have a feeling we will be seeing/hearing more of Selfish Things in the near future.

Heart Attack Man from Cincinnati, Ohio formed in 2013 and seem to be gaining a large fan base. My first thought was "these guys are pretty quirky"but their music also reminded me of the 90's post punk. Heart Attack Man had everyone in The Shelter dancing and nodding their heads to the beat.

When Microwave walked out on stage and played the first note of "DIAWB"the crowd erupted into a mosh pit that was the size of the venue. It was non-stop crowdsurfing, moshing and fun for their entire set. Microwave released their"Death is a Warm Blanket" album in September of this year. They played 4 songs off the new album and I regret not listening to them sooner. Microwave is a groovy band that I highly recommend seeing live.

Microwave's Setlist:


Grass Stains



Leather Daddy

Float to the Top

But Not Often




I was drawn to this show to see Boston Manor. They come all the way from Lancashire, England. I had seen them at Warped Tour in 2013. They quickly became one of my favorite bands with songs like Laika, Lead Feet, Burn You Up and Halo. The lead singer, Henry Cox is fun to watch. I couldn't stop smiling while watching him perform. He has some wild dance moves and really knows how to pump up the crowd. You can tell that the guys in Boston Manor absolutely love playing music and being on tour. Seeing them live was an absolute blast. They haven't lost any spark over the last few years and their fan base keeps growing and growing.

Boston Manor's Setlist:

Burn You Up

England's Dreaming

Funeral Party


Lead Feet

Bad Machine

Tunnel Vision

Stick Up

Flowers in Your Dustbin



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