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Brass Against EP (EP Review)

April 10 2020 or Good Friday as it falls this year, and well, I thought I would be writing a live review tied in with an EP review for Brass Against, but unfortunately due to COVID19, my plans of seeing this mighty group in Madrid on April 8 were scuppered and put on hold until further notice.

The plus side is that the band have already announced rescheduled dates for November/December (should the world be back to normality by then, of course), and I literally cannot wait to see this band live in action.

In difficult times we need music more than ever, and remember to......just breathe.

Anyway, aside from all the negativity in the world right now, we have been graced with a delicious Easter treat in the shape of their very first EP of original music from the band, joined by powerhouse vocalist, Sophia Urista, and I will let you in on a little secret, I would choose this over a chocolate egg any day.

Brass Against EP is short, but very delectable. The band continue to combine their metal, brass, hip-hop and rock sounds to create something very special indeed. It kicks off with "Umbra" which seduces and snakes its way under your skin. You can feel it appear through the shadows as it hypnotises and takes you completely. The song is full of darkness, but it allows you to breathe and focus your mind. "Pull the Trigger" is about Birmingham in 1963, and it evokes protest and calm in the face of violence, while showing you to stand up for what is right. A song about history, and a serious subject while letting the music radiate fight and hope to its very core.The EP closes with "Blood on the Other" which does not disappoint. It is empowering while telling its story. It stands strong, tall and fearless throughout.

The EP is powerful, empowering and full of feeling. You immediately connect with the music and its stories. It is inspiring and exceptional from start to finish, while showing off its prominent political edge.

In difficult times we need music more than ever, and remember to......just breathe.

Brass Against EP is available via all platforms now.

For news, rescheduled tour dates and all things Brass Against, please check out their socials;




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