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Brent Look - The Perfect Musician? (Column #1)

Author: Brent Look

I ran into an old friend at Starbucks yesterday. First we had a lot of catching to do, Then he told me that he had really been listening to my music lately and how he admired me immensely as a player, and asked me what my secret was for always playing at the top of my game? Internally I was laughing at the compliment.

I told him, "thank you so much for the compliment however, I never truly believe that I’m ever playing at the top of my game." 

I continued to explain. "When we set the bar to be a certain height, I eventually reach that mark and then realize 'I’m not where I want to be' and then I proceed to make that mark much much higher!" 

I know it sounds like I’m never satisfied, but that’s how we bring out the true greatness in ourselves. But I do have a formula that I do my best to follow. However, life can be difficult and unpredictable and sometimes an inspiration can lead us off course but that course change can also be true blessing! 

Here is my personal formula: 

Practicing exercises daily with a metronome that are good for technique and also that are musical. A metronome/click track are gold!!!Writing new songs- song ideas then recording them as much a possible. Working on my improvisational skills over creative chords progressions and grooves.Playing cover songs.Doing live shows/jamming with other musicians. Constantly working on my sound, tone, changing and tweaking my gear and always on the look for more gear and new sounds!Practicing the art of perfection! Never forget we are capable of playing things perfectly! Strive for that! Always give 110%! Always! Never ever give up! Just fight harder and smarter!Excepting criticism. That’s a big one!

I hope that helps you like it does for me. 

Thanks, Brent Look 

Recording Artist, Engineer, Producer. 





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