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Brent Look - Your Signature Sound? (Column 2)

Author: Brent Look

Your Signature Sound?

We all have heard this term. It is a common saying amongst musicians and record labels. 

So what do you consider a signature sound to be? 

Here are my thoughts......

When you hear a band, guitarist, vocalist etc.. and right away you know who it is, even if it might be a song from the artist we have never heard before. A lot of of times an artist’s sound is from their major influences they have studied throughout the years with a combination of their style and equipment etc... also, some may have have their own unique style, groove and take on a musical composition. It may also be something completely different that an artist came up with. Many times it may even just be the uniqueness of the vocalists style, tone and phrasing. Some of my older friends believe that today there is no uniqueness in modern pop. I always tell them your showing your age, for people that are younger than you know who it is pretty quickly even if they’re not familiar with that particular song.  

Either way, we all want to sound! 

It’s always best to be unique and different, Yes, we have to perform/record things that work well with us but we must also believe in and feel comfortable with the music we are creating and performing. However there is a catch, more so than ever artists/bands need to be able to fit in a genre (category), or most record labels will have no interest in you. I always think of music as being art and entertainment but also it is a money making business and there is a lot of money to be made. Don’t be fooled by people that say you cannot make money in this business today like the old days. That statement is completely false, the music business is always changing and evolving and we must always change and evolve with it. 

Thanks, Brent.

Recording Artist, Engineer, Producer.





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