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Code Orange is Out for Blood Tour - Boston, MA - May 7, 2022

On a windy Saturday night in Boston, MA fans were lined up down the street outside the Paradise Rock Club. This was the final performance of the “Code Orange Is Out for Blood” tour and fans were eager to experience it. The headliners, Code Orange, were supported by a collection of heavy rock acts including Loathe, Dying Wish and Vended.

The floor of the historic Paradise Rock Club was already packed as opening act Vended took the stage. There has been a lot of buzz around this band that are on the bill for the upcoming Knotfest Roadshow as well as the major rock festival Louder Than Life. The lead singer of Vended, Griffin Taylor, is the son of Slipknot’s Corey Taylor and Vended’s drummer, Simon Crahan, is the son of Slipknot’s Shawn “Clown” Crahan. Vended has carved out a sound of their own though and the crowd was loving it. Even though their EP What Is It//Kill It has only been out less than a year at this point, “Asylum” can already be seen as a fan favorite track. This is just the beginning of great things for Vended.

Vended Gallery

Next up was the metalcore band Dying Wish. Lead singer Emma Boster started off the set heavy and never backed down. Boster and her Dying Wish bandmates laid down some of the in-your-face tracks from the 2021 album Fragments of a Bitter Memory. The bands energy stayed high throughout the performance and the crowd matched that energy by having a circle pit going for nearly the entire set.

Dying Wish Gallery

Loathe was the supporting act for this tour and they hail all the way from Liverpool, England. They played a nice mix of harder and more mellow tracks. The majority of their set came from their 2020 album I Let It In And It Took Everything. Loathe absolutely played like this was the last day of the tour and they left nothing in their tank. The fans continued to mosh as crew members leapt from the stage to crowd surf and by the end of the set some of the band’s equipment and instruments began to crowd surf as well. This international band definitely left their mark on the crowd and set the stage nicely for the headliners.

Loathe Gallery

Code Orange was recently on tour supporting Korn, but now it was their time to shine as the headliner. Code Orange fittingly started off their set with heavy hitting “Out for Blood”. The entire band was giving every ounce of their energy and the crowd was matching that level with their moshing. Code Orange’s setlist was comprised of older as well as newer tracks. One of their most popular songs is “Forever” which had fans singing and going wild on the concert floor. Although this tour has come to an end, Code Orange will be performing at the major festivals Inkcarceration in Ohio and Aftershock in California. It is evident they will be bringing their infectious power to these festivals.

Code Orange Gallery

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