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Concrete Dreams – Concrete Dreams (6.28.2019)

On June 28th, Concrete Dream (Hoboken, NJ) unveiled their debut album, the self-titled Concrete Dream. The band teamed up back in 2017 and have since also released a few singles, music videos, and an EP titled Inverse. The style of Concrete Dream is different from typical rock bands, as this group masterfully weaves together hip hop and heavy rock into a display of pure incandescence. The voices of both singers balance each other beautifully, and the transitions between the various sections flow very naturally. Over the years, I have seen a few bands attempt to break into this unique genre with varying degrees of success. Concrete Dream, however, is one of the best, producing a fantastic album that commands your attention with a roller coaster of emotions and high energy vibes. Concrete Dream is available now on Spotify as well as other sources.

 “Obey” is the leading song off of Concrete Dream, and provides the perfect high energy introduction that sets the tone for the album. The track features dynamite rapping supported by an underlying guitar sound that creates a stunning vibe. When the chorus hits, the listener is presented with a sick flurry of sounds as the drums, guitars, and bass come together with the gorgeous vocals.

On the heels of “Obey” comes “Pit Trap”, a song featuring another big player on the Hip-Hop/Rock scene, Hyro the Hero. A more mellow electronic beat is played here as the powerful lyrics seek the attention of the listener before swelling into the rock-infused chorus. As Hyro the Hero makes his entrance, he brings a whole new level of hype into the song as you want to just throw down with him and rage.

“Reasons” is a fantastic song that really highlights the band’s ability to integrate two genres into one masterpiece. Utilizing the pleasant guitar and drum melody to keep beat while rapping the lyrics creates an amazing sound and feeling that kept my head bobbing. The breakdown towards the end of the song is phenomenal, incorporating a shredding heavy guitar tone and some screaming that helps wrap the song up in a concoction of emotion and energy.

 “Catch 22” provides more enticing combos of the genres. The undertones of this song particularly vibe with me, as the background resonates with an alluring guitar hook. The final verse of the track also presents a different sound that results in a really catchy tune.

 ". . . masterfully weaves together hip hop and heavy rock into a display of pure incandescence."

As the album continues, “Relationshit” provides an experience that is full of power and passion. The tune presents a different singing style than what was seen so far, as the rapping vocals are infused with screaming and coupled with hard hitting guitars and rhythm. The band really goes all out on this song, making it my favorite track on Concrete Dream.

With “Buckout Road”, the audience is taken on a trip filled with hard rock vibes and lighter hip hop tones and beats, beautifully meshing together into a high octane track. 

“Hero” continues to highlight the band’s great ability to morph hip hop and rock together, as the lead singer raps with the band jamming in the background. The switches between the two genres are solid, expertly utilizing the guitar in order to float between different sections of the song.

“Lip Kit” provides a fun, echoey intro that morphs into the band jamming out. The song displays soft verses that highlight the lyrics, while the chorus provides a sharp, energetic contrast. 

Nearing the conclusion of the album, “One Thing” presents a very strong rock presence through the integration of the screaming and only some light hip hop elements within the track. The song really highlights the range that the band has and their ability to shift between the very different styles and sounds. 

The final song, “See You Later”, is one of the softer songs on the album. Even the chorus, which typically builds into an infusion of hard-hitting rock elements, is fairly soft. The lyrics are powerful and emotional, cutting deep into the listener. The latter parts of the song beautifully build up into a strong finish, channeling all of the feelings presented and letting it all fly to cap off the album.

Inside the Setlist gives the tremendous Concrete Dream 4 of 5 mics!


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