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Crobot - Motherbrain (Album Review)

Crobot are back with their third album, Motherbrain, and boy, they certainly know how to bring out the big guns. This album does not disappoint from start to finish, and this band show off how seasoned they are becoming. 

"Burn" kicks in with plenty of fire and burns bright with magical and mystical colors. This song does not mess about with its dirty, gritty and explosive notions. It opens the album exceedingly for what is to come. "Keep Me Down" is the first single release off the album and man, it can't keep you down. You can't help but lose yourself to it and you will be dancing (or moshing) in no time. The track is infectious, spellbinding and absolutely delicious to taste, from its very core right down to its fingertips. Vocals are strong and on point, while soaring rock n roll guitars work their magic. 

"Drown" slowly manoeuvres in to sight, before blasting into solid gear. Heavy guitar riffs and hypnotic vocals are utterly mesmerising. It is upbeat, catching and powers forward while executing every aspect so expertly, and without even breaking a sweat. You let yourself drown as it takes over every inch of your being. "Low Life" is the second single release off the record, and is another captivating track, which builds before the chorus hits. You will be singing at the top of your lungs before you even register what is happening. Intricate guitar work blends each layer together to create an unforgettable and incredible song. 

It is infectious, spellbinding and absolutely delicious to taste.....

"Alpha Dawg" dominates throughout and shows you who is boss. It takes its hold on you and pulls the grip even tighter, so you can't escape. This number is darker, deeper and leads you into the abyss while showing no inclination of backing down, as it keeps forging forward at full force. "Stoning The Devil" slows the tempo slightly for a more 'stoner vibe.' It is enchanting, undeniable and full of fight. It calls out to your soul, while being intricate, mind blowing and full of depth. Hard drumming, outstanding vocals and heavy guitars have got you covered. 

"Gasoline" makes you stop and take notice, with its eerie intro. Vocals shine at the forefront before it cracks into full throttle mode. It has an abundance of gasoline as it speeds forward without hesitation. Such a tight track with exceptional vocals, expert guitars and plenty of energy for all to see. "Destroyer" builds and comes alive to show off its true side. It reveals itself while destroying everything in its path. Another outstanding track. 

"Blackout" is dark, haunting and powerful. It gets inside your head and you can't shake it out, while showing off a steady pace throughout, before the guitars and chorus blast in. "After Life" doesn't mess about and kicks in full of fight and hope. It is tempting and seductive throughout, while showing off some hefty bite. 

"The Hive" draws this exceptional record to its close. It builds with a honey so sweet while every aspect comes together effortlessly. The song is full of punch, gives its all and literally has nothing left to give. An excellent end to a phenomenal album. 

Motherbrain gets under your skin and runs through your veins, as you drink every inch up and become drunk on it.

It is dirty, delicious and heavy rock n roll to its core.  

Motherbrain is available now 

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