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Dead By Wednesday - Self Titled (Album Review)

New England’s Dead By Wednesday released their new self-titled full length album via Combat Records/EMP Label Group on April 19. The new album showcases a rebirth and new era of the band since their inception in 2005. A decade after their first record, the band has evolved musically, while keeping each step of the way as hard hitting and true, as the last. 

Their lineup has also evolved, with the newest member, Dave Sharpe on guitar, Rob Roy on vocals and original members Mike Modeste on bass and Christian ‘Opus’ Lawrence on drums.  

The record kicks off with “Vekja (The Awakening)” which is eerie, dark and gripping. It reverberates an awakening and sets the scene for what is to follow. “Smelling Salts” blasts in fast, brutal and with utter force. It doesn’t give you enough time to think about anything. It holds your attention from start to finish. Soaring metal riffs swirl and rise around you, while it hits you hard in the gut. 

“(un)FTW” follows in the same kind of fashion. The track is fast and straight to the point, as strong and forceful vocals leave their mark. “You & Die” is up next, and the song starts off slightly slower than the latter, it feels like a “ballad” of sorts and to be honest, it is the track in which I connected to most. It is melodic, full of raw emotion and quite simply, it captivates the mind and heart. 

It is powerful, full of speed and utterly savage.

“Manimal” follows and cranks the tempo up a notch or 10! It is powerful, full of speed and utterly savage. This tune doesn’t show any hint of slowing down, as it keeps throwing the punches. Consequently, it feels like a man and animal have merged together to create a phenomenal beast. “Darwin’s Dance, Pt. 1” is up next, and it stampedes in without looking back. as it rips and tears at the seams. This song doesn’t leave anything untouched or unturned. 

“Darwin’s Dance, Pt. 2” follows directly after Pt. 1 and this is kind of like the other piece of the puzzle or its yin to its yang. It is its other half and without it, you would notice its absence. “Chrysalis” blasts in with a hard exterior before transforming into something quite extraordinary. 

“Beatdown & Broken” is assaulting and physical from the get go, while showing off all its strength and dominance. “Out the Door” follows with a little less intimidation. The tempo slows ever slightly, to allow you to breathe for a moment or two. The song shows off the softer side to this band and I like how it shows versatility. It doesn’t have to be super brute force heavy, you can blend in lighter tracks and it still work. 

“Break When I’m Dead (v2.0)” is next, as it turns the dial back up, while making sure not to go full throttle. It is heavy, but not full of brute force. This track has space to move and shows off what it embodies. Skilful guitars soars and take your breath away, as you bask it its glory. 

“You & Die (Acoustic)” steers the album to its close, and it does it in a beautiful and breathtaking manner. If “You & Die” wasn’t perfect enough, the band record an acoustic version and wow, it will leave you speechless. It is evoking, inspiring and stirring throughout. 

This album showcases great talent and something quite unique. 


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