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Final Coil- The World We Left Behind For Others (Album Review)

Final Coil's debut album, Persistence Of Memory, was released in the summer of 2017 and interest in this remarkable album has remained constant ever since. Now, the time approaches for the debut album to hand over the bright glowing flame as the band announce the imminent arrival of their second album, The World We Left Behind For Others. 

The breathtaking album opens with "Ash's" which builds and entwines around the eerie scene. Expert guitar work entices and lingers in to the distance. "The Last Battle" bursts in and kicks straight into action. Dark, grunge like vocals bring plenty of attitude to this number, while the music marches forward. It is deep, sludgy and full of grit. Soaring guitars appear in parts, while heavy riffs enhance the elements. 

"Scattered Dust" follows with intensifying sounds which stirs the soul. It is evocative and enthralling throughout, while the vocals leave their mark. "Take Me For A Walk" appears and if walking was various sounds of music, this is literally what it would sound like. The music does all the talking on this track, as it paints a picture in your head and allows you to really get lost in your thoughts. 

"Empty Handed" has plenty of punch and is very robust. It knows how to bring the punch, as intricate layers weave and blend together to create the perfect recipe. The track certainly doesn't leave you empty handed! "Keeping Going" literally does what the label says, and keeps going. It is strong, as it spirals and spins into the depths below. An alluring song, which leaves its mark. 

The song manoeuvres and drives it to the perfect climax....

"Convicted Of The Right' rises up slowly, while it holds your attention and keeps you hooked on every single word. The song manoeuvres and drives it to the perfect climax. "Ashes" is haunting, beguiling and charismatic. 

"One More Drink" navigates forward with an undeniable desire and instinct. A bewitching interlude which will leave you in wonderment. "And I'll Leave" blasts in for all to hear. As it powers forward, without tiring and it definitely knows how to make its point. A solid, roaring track from start to finish. 

"Imaginary Trip" is haunting and inspiring. The track is melodic throughout as you breath it in and evoke so much emotion and feeling. You allow it to soak into every fibre of your being and take its hold. Title track "The World We Left Behind For Others" closes this breathtaking and stunning piece of art. The number steers the record to its conclusion without any hesitation, while it manifests and leaves an atmospheric feeling in its path. 

The album bleeds for all to see, as each sound fascinates and grips hold of you. 

The World We Left Behind For Others is available from April 12. 

For more information, please visit the their Facebook page


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