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Ghost - Ford Idaho Center, Nampa ID - January 28th, 2022

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Article & Photography by: Tim Schmidt

Ghost rolled through Nampa, Idaho Friday January 28th 2022 on the North American leg of the tour with Twin Temple and let me tell you, they did not disappoint!. GHOST themselves can bring the roof down on any venue but that night had Volbeat slated on the bill as well, the night was destine to be epic. Early Friday morning reports started coming in that Volbeat was unfortunately not going to be able to make it as their drummer Jon Larsen tested positive, for COVID, that is when the reality set back in that we continue to fight our way through a worldwide pandemic on a scale not seen in over one hundred years. The blow of the news on Jon was softened when the band released a statement that Jon would make full recovery and was in good spirits.

Twin Temple, Los Angeles’ satanic doo-wop group lead by Zachary and Alexandra James who are very much active Satanists kicked off the show. Now, I will admit I was not sure what to expect or how Twin Temple would be received in Idaho. You can say I was a bit of a skeptic but was keeping an open mind going into the night. As they took the stage to my surprise Idaho erupted into cheers and chants of "HAIL SATIN, HAIL SATIN!"

Okay Idaho I hear ya!

What followed was absolutely like nothing I had ever experienced. Twin Temple played through their setlist with song by the name of “Sex Magick” and “Let’s Have a Satanic Orgy” in the 1950s-60s doo-wop style they are known for, Idaho was hooked and I was sold! Though their set was short, Twin Temple was able to make a statement that night in Idaho and undoubtedly picked up a few new fans along the way. As for me, well let’s just say I left with a little voice in the back of my mind telling me, you know you like it, don’t you? Admit it, you do! I chalk the voice up to a little satanic possession, maybe.



Sex Magick

Let’s Have a Satanic Orgy

Satan’s a Woman

I’m Wicked

As GHOST was getting ready to take the stage you could feel the crowd getting anxious, after all some of the fans had not been to a live show in over two years, let alone a live show that consisted of the theatrical in your face stage show of GHOST! Idaho was ready. As the lights dimmed the crowd roared to life then the lights came back up and you could hear the audible disappointment, one guy a few rows back from the pit even blamed Carol Baskine (Really Dude?)

Not to worry though, a few short minutes later the lights went out, the arena was pitch black and the bright stage lights flashed in from behind the curtain, backlighting the ghouls of Papa Emeritus IV. Wait, what? You don’t know who Papa Emeritus IV is? Well, he is Cardinal Copia who was elevated during the final show of the tour in support of their fourth studio album Prequelle. Still drawing a blank, go dig into the fascinating story of GHOST and you will come out the other end with a better understanding of the theatrics, glitz, and stage show behind this ever evolving band called GHOST.

As the curtain dropped the Ford Idaho Center went electric and Papa Emeritus IV and the nameless ghouls in their apocalyptic gas masks led off with “Kaisarion” and strait into “Rats”. By the end of their third song “From the Pinnacle to the Pit” Papa had Idaho eating out of the palms of the nameless, once again. After the third song I packed my gear up and went to observe the stage spectacle from the upper terrace. Now, if you have ever been to a GHOST show you know the story builds throughout the show, so to say it was difficult to not get the camera back out and fire off a few more images is putting it lightly. But, I refrained from doing so and just enjoyed the rest of the night with a bird’s eye view. By the time GHOST performed arguably their most popular song “Square Hammer” the crowd was on their feet begging for more. Unfortunately, all good, no, all GREAT things come to an end, the house lights came up and GHOST was gone again. If you have not yet seen GHOST perform live you are missing out, just ask anyone who has. I highly recommend that you check to see when GHOST will be in a town near you and get out and catch not only a live concert again but a stage show with theatrics you will not soon to forget.




From the Pinnacle to the Pit

Mary on a Cross

Devil Church


Hunter’s Moon



Year Zero


Mummy Dust

Enter Sandman (Metallica Cover)

Dance Macabre

Square Hammer

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