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Ghost w/ Nothing More - The Ultimate Tour Named DEATH in Boise, Idaho - 9/27/19

Author & Photos: TJ Schmidt

Cardinal Copia and the ghouls and ghoulettes of Ghost with Nothing More descended upon the Extra Mile Arena Friday September 28th, 2019 in Boise, Idaho for The Ultimate Tour Named DEATH.

Kicking off the show was Jonny and the boys from Nothing More. In true Hawkins form, Jonny under the cover of darkness scaled a 20-foot tower above the stage and sounded the siren signaling to the already wild crowd what was about to go down. From the outset, Nothing More fired up the night with “Let’em Burn”. Jonny was hitting the crown in the teeth with a mix of his melodic screams as the band was setting him up with every riff. For those who have seen Nothing More, we knew what was in store but for the first timers, they were given a dose of spiritual and political truths mixed in with issues on mental health. If you are someone who has yet to check off the box next to a Nothing More show, do yourself a favor, get that box checked off you will thank yourself later. With the power and energy, Nothing More hit “This is the Time (Ballast)” primed the Extra Mile Arena fanatics, setting them up for the Cardinal and the headliner Ghost.

Nothing More Set List:

Let’em Burn

Christ Copyright

Don’t Stop

Go to War



Ocean Floor

This is the Time (Ballast)

Fist of the Year (Equinox)

As the stage was being set during the transition, you could feel the anticipation in the crowd coursing through your body. The seats started to fill up and the floor crowd pushed forward as “Klara Stjarnor and Miserere Mei, Deus” played through the sound system cluing everyone that the show was about to start. When the curtain dropped, the ghouls and ghoulettes ramped up the sound and the arena erupted into an ear chattering roar as the Cardinal appeared stage left. Ghost lit the night on fire with “Ashes” then right into “Rats” both from their fourth studio album Prequelle, released in 2018. Ghost powered through the night with soul crushing songs “Absolution”, “Mummy Dust”, “Year Zero”, and “He Is” all form their 2015 release Meliora.

If you have never been to a Ghost show this is an absolute must. From their Broadway style theatrics, epic melodic instrumentals that rival that of Metallica, this is a must-see arena tour. Ghost finished the night off with the one two punch of “Dance Macabre” and ended with “Square Hammer” from their 2016 Grammy winning album Popestar.

Ghost Set List:





Mary on a Cross

Devil Church



Ghuleh / Zombie Queen



From the Pinnacle to the Pit


Satan Prayer

Year Zero

He Is

Mummy Dust

Kiss the Go-Goat

Dance Macabre

Square Hammer

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