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Greasy Tree - See the Light (EP Review)

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Greasy Tree is a blues infused band from Jonesboro, Arkansas, and they have kicked off 2020 with a bang in the form of their new EP, See the Light. My path crossed with these crazy, super talented musicians via Teenage Head Music, and I actually got to see the guys play live at La Gramola in Orihuela, Spain back in 2018. And I have been a fan ever since.

The EP opens with “Soldier” which is a full on blues number with splashes of country. It oozes so much feeling and is enchanting from start to finish. It is powerful, strong and soldiers on without any form of hesitation. Each layer from the vocals, harmonica to the tight guitars blends and forms a unique force and sound like no other. “Goldilocks” follows and keeps the momentum flowing. It is sultry, seductive and tastes like a fine wine. The track is intricate and spellbinding which will have you under its magic in no time. It embodies a classic sound which is stunning yet refreshing, especially to hear in this modern world.

It is sultry, seductive and tastes like a fine wine.....

“Trouble with Trouble” is up next and follows on from the already set tempo. It is infectious from its core to its skin, and you will be singing along before you even know it. You can feel this number running through your veins, as you drink up each groove and curve while it takes it hold. It is delicious, succulent and undeniable trouble. Title track “See the Light” follows and is full of pure, raw and unforgettable emotion. It is a big number with intricate sounds and full of body. This song radiates hope, desire and so much light. It is beautiful, inspiring and compelling.

“Crying Eyes” is next and the guitar intro is full of soul which makes you stop in your tracks and listen intently. It is soulful, evoking and profound. The track is captivating, mesmerising and quite fascinating. You can feel every note and every chord as it is played and it will leave you in complete awe. “Bones” draws the EP to its close and you can literally feel this number right from your bones to your fingertips. The music and melody moves you in a way like no other and it leaves you wanting another taste.

See the Light is divine, extraordinary and radiates light throughout.

For all things Greasy Tree, please visit their Facebook Page

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