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Hatebreed 25th Anniversary Homecoming Show - 4/20/2019

Hatebreed is well known for being the pioneers of the Hardcore genre in Connecticut, and many parts of the country for that matter. They’ve written eight studio albums, and most were recorded right here in our home state.

So what happens when you’ve toured the world dozens of times, played countless dates per year, and it’s time to celebrate your history, heritage, and roots? You wrap up an amazing tour featuring some of the most top notch acts in home.

For the first leg of Hatebreed’s 25th Anniversary tour, they brought Fit For an Autopsy, Cro-Mags, Terror, and Obituary out with them. Where did the last date of this run end up? That’s right, at home, New Haven, CT at College Street Music Hall

Holding nothing back, all four support acts absolutely set the stage for what was to come for the diehards of CT. Hatebreed hit the stage promptly at 10:20pm, crowd moving and banging skulls from the first note played. The set was full of surprises as Hatebreed brought original drummer Dave Russo and original guitarist Larry Dwyer Jr. were both invited on stage to play a song early on in the set.

To close out the night, former long time guitarist from my home city, Sean Martin was called up on stage to perform the last four songs, and Hatebreed ended the night as a Six Piece. Vocalist Jamey Jasta addressed the crowd at one point and let everyone know how thankful they really were for the relentless support over the last 25 years. Returning home and ending this leg of the 25th Anniversary Tour, this was the largest show Hatebreed has ever played in their home state of Connecticut, and it really showed with the expressions of their faces all night long. This was the night of all nights.

Hatebreed hits the road again in just under two weeks for another run for the diehards. Look out for a date near you and be sure to get to the merch table early as every show there is a unique “city specific” shirt designed for the commemorative milestone.

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