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HELLYEAH - A Celebration of the Life of Vinne Paul - Madison, WI - 11/27/2019

This past summer marked the beginning of HELLYEAH's first tour since the death of their former drummer and founding member, Vinnie Paul. Though the summer tour was to end in August, more dates were added throughout the remainder of 2019.

Luckily, The Sylvee in Madison, Wisconsin, made the list of tour dates, on the day before Thanksgiving, nonetheless. Also on the bill for the night was Go Play God, Deepfall, Madison's own Last Crack, and special guest, Nonpoint.

By the time Nonpoint took the stage, the crowd had migrated and packed into the floor of the venue. The supporting bands did an incredible job getting the audience pumped and ready for the night.

Nonpoint faced a lineup change this tour, introducing their new guitarist, Jason Zeilstra. The band hit the stage like an earthquake with their song "Breaking Skin". For this being Jason's first tour with Nonpoint, he didn't need any time in order to fit in with the band. Nonpoint also played one of their new songs, "Dodge Your Destiny". Vocalist Elias Soriano stated that this sound was the direction Nonpoint's music would be going for their new album.

At the end of Nonpoint's set, the band gave a shoutout to long time fans Nathan and Amanda Bowden, and even brought them on stage for a photo as they were celebrating seeing their 200th Nonpoint show. You can check out Nathan's post here and read about his awesome experience and how awesome the guys in Nonpoint are.

Nonpoint's Setlist:

Breaking Skin

Chaos and Earthquakes

Dodge Your Destiny


Fix This

That Day

In the Air Tonight(Phil Collins cover)

What a Day

Bullet with a Name

After a quick set change, HELLYEAH was ready to take the stage. Like Nonpoint, HELLYEAH faced a lineup changed as well. Ray Mayorga, who's previous acts include Stone Sour, and Soulfly just to name a few, joined as a fill in for Vinnie Paul following his death in 2018. Needless to say, Ray is a perfect fit with the guys in HELLYEAH. His performance during the set was flawless, from start to finish.

HELLYEAH has made a name for themselves over the years and built quite the reputation. HELLYEAH's performance at The Sylvee was no exception. The band came out onto the stage with so much force and energy which lasted throughout their set. The fans even got an upclose look of vocalist Chad Gray as he had spent a good amount of time in the crowd during the first song. Playing songs from the new album, Welcome Home, HELLYEAH also played a variety of songs from earlier records. From their ass kicking performance tonight, it's safe to say Vinnie would be proud.

HELLYEAH only has a handful of dates remaining on this tour; seeing HELLYEAH isn't a band that tours frequently, this isn't a concert you'll want to miss.

Check out HELLYEAH tour dates here.

HELLYEAH's Setlist:


Oh My God

Demons in the Dirt

Sangre por Sangre (Blood for Blood)



Say When

Black Flag Army

Love Falls

Welcome Home

Intermission (Skyy and Water w/ Vinnie Paul Tribute video)

I'm Broken (Pantera cover)

Walk (Pantera cover)

Waging War


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