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Imperial Jade: On The Rise

Imperial Jade have been riding a rock n roll high since the release of their first album, Please Welcome in 2015. They opened for Rival Sons in Barcelona, Swedish rockers Europe on both of their 2016 Spanish dates and that is just for starters. 

The Barcelona natives are now back to present their sophomore album, On The Rise. And boy, they know how to make an entrance and raise the stakes. 

The album opens with "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet," which brings the soul, groove and funk straight out of the gate. Outstanding vocals will have you hanging on every word, while electrifying guitars stand their ground. It is infectious, captivating and you literally haven't heard nothing like this masterpiece before. "Dance" flows in with plenty of rhythm and deep grooves. The tempo keeps driving forward, as you feel it rising through your veins and, you can't help but dance to the soaring notes. 

Country inspired number "Sad For No Reason" follows, and this track gives you a reason to smile from cheek to cheek. It blends rock n roll roots with country guitar licks to create the perfect cocktail for all to enjoy. oh, and you will be foot tapping before you know it! "The Call" swirls into vision, with rising drums from the offset. Expert guitars kick in and bring the juice, while psychedelic vocals and sounds bring you to a euphoric high. 

It blends rock n roll roots with country guitar licks to create the perfect cocktail....

"Glory Train" rides in to the station with this magical, uplifting and glorious track. It is quite exceptional from start to finish and it will make you want to ride that train until there are no tracks. "Lullaby In Blue" is a big song which pulls at the heartstrings, with a soulful, passionate and profound sound. This number is enchanting from start to finish. 

"Keep Me Singing" has plenty of heart and soul, while groove filled layers build the fire and passion for this tune. The vocals shine bright and every aspect is executed with fine precision and expertise. First single release "Heatwave" is up next and it shows off psychedelic sounds, rock n roll guitars and plenty of punch. It definitely brings the heat to this already simmering party. 

There are no "Rough Seas" in sight for this number. It is intricate with expert guitar licks and a souring soul groove to boot. It is seductive and simply, divine. "Struck By Lightning" brings the album to its close. Gritty distorted guitars with uplifting, healing vocals bring a perfect contrast between dark and light, which blend together to show a stunning partnership.  

On The Rise demonstrates how different styles can come together, to create an unforgettable and dynamic force. It knows how to rock and it knows how to roll, while intricately weaving everything in between. 

Imperial Jade definitely know how to raise the stakes.

On The Rise is available worldwide on the 21st December via all digital platforms 

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