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Incubus: 20 Years of Make Yourself - Madison, WI - 11/12/19

Who would have thought that in 2019, an Incubus concert would be the most anticipated local show of the year? Luckily for the locals of Madison, Wisconsin, Incubus brought their 20 Years of Make Yourself Tour to The Sylvee.

Incubus's set started with a short 20 Years of Make Yourself documentary, highlighting the journey since, and what the release of Make Yourself did for the band as a whole. Once the documentary was finished, with a large thank you to the audience on the screens behind, the band went into their opening track of the album, "Privilege". Incubus played Make Yourself in its entirety throughout the night, with a few extra songs along the way. For many of the fans, this was a dream come true.

Throughout the entire show, there wasn't one moment where a single fan in the audience stopped moving. Incubus did a phenomenal job with their performance, making the night special for many.

Having not toured much in recent years, members of Incubus have, most certainly, not forgotten how to put on a concert. Luckily, there are still a handful of dates left on this tour - do yourself a favor and get out for a night of music, enjoying some of Incubus's most popular hits.

Incubus's Setlist:


Nowhere Fast


The Warmth

When It Comes


Make Yourself



Battlestar Scralatchtica

I Miss You

Pardon Me

Out from Under

Into the Summer

Sick Sad Little World

Are You In?

No Fun


Wish You Were Here

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