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Incubus - Trust Fall (Side B) EP

Incubus have returned with their new EP called Trust Fall (Side B) which is the sequel to 2015's Trust Fall (Side A), and with everything that is happening in the world right now, this EP could not have come at a better time as through these difficult times, we need music more than ever.

The EP opens with "Karma, Come Back" which is slow burning, seductive, and channels some seriously gritty funk. Intricate layers web and entwine to come together as one. The bass is prominent along with jagged guitars which kick it up a notch or two, as it powers to its conclusion. Second single release, "Our Love" follows with its upbeat, and psychedelic tones. A track full of love and pure joy. It punches forward without hesitation or struggle, as light vocals and sounds adorn it like a crown. The distorted guitar solo freakout closes the track perfectly, as it draw this trippy journey of just over 3 minutes to its end.

It is haunting, effortlessly stunning, and everything in between........

First single release "Into The Summer" follows, and this surf rock number sounds just like Summer. It channels Bowie and some serious Duran Duran vibes with its classic 80's sound, and fills your ears with some pure funk joy. It is fun, retro and totally bringing the nostalgia into 2020. "On Without Me" is up next, and it showcases Boyd's amazing vocal range from start to finish. It is full of feeling, soul and heart felt notions while showing off a true mature sound throughout. I feel this song is kind of a fitting track for what we are going though at the moment, in some roundabout way. Where our story will never be the same, and we have to go on without the world we knew before this point.

"Paper Cuts" bring this powerful EP to its end. It is haunting, effortlessly stunning and everything in between. The piano progression along with Boyd's vocals cut deep and bring tears to the eyes. It is immense, bold and intoxicating.

Trust Fall (Side B) is glorious, awe-inspiring and quite simply, phenomenal.

Trust Fall (Side B) is out NOW on all platforms.


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