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Interview with The Everafter

Inside The Setlist had the chance to talk to Yonkers-based pop punk band The Everafter at their show at the Loft in Poughkeepsie, New York this past weekend. Find the full interview after this review!

I came across The Everafter by chance while browsing Instagram a few weeks back and decided to give them a listen. From my the first track, I heard I was hooked to the band. The raw emotional lyrics and driving instrumental elements that are a staple of the genre are on full display through both of the band's EPs. The band really comes into their own on their second EP "Where I Came From." The band manages to have a sound that nails the modern pop punk sound while adding their own flare that really sets The Everafter apart. Each of the seven songs off the “Where I Came From” EP packs so much energy that I could not help but bop my head along to the beat. While I like every track on the EP, the two that stand out the most to me are “Nothing” and “Self Assured.” “Nothing” track starts off with an impassioned and full-hearted vocal performance and then explodes as the full band kicks in. “Self Assured” comes out of the gate swinging with a vibrante pop-punk hook that matches the theme and mood of the song to a tee. Inside the Setlist will be adding these tracks to several of our playlists!

The energy from the EP translated perfectly to the bands live performance. The Everafter put on a genuinely fantastic live performance. Each member of the band played and/or sang their hearts out and it resulted in a heartfelt and exciting performance that further cemented my interest in the band. The band kept me hooked to the music the entire set and my only gripe is I wish they had a longer set time! I am incredibly excited to see The Everafter grow as a band. As the band noted in our interview, we can expect some “stuff” from them soon. Be sure to follow The Everafter on all of their socials linked below and check out “Where I Came From.”

The Everafter's Social Media pages: Facebook Instagram Twitter

Stream "Where I Came From"

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