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Jammin' Dose - Gravity

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

"The land of the sun and the smile always bear good fruit when it comes to the music scene. Although this time we present to the world the best kept secret of Gravity, the best and most veteran studios in the city. It comes to the fore with all the strength and, above all, the greatest international projection, lest Spain remain numb. The sky is the limit for this band of eight members assembled musically and indefinitely stylistically. In this case, this definition becomes a virtue because ... Why encorse a group whose limit is heaven?"      - Jammin' Dose 

Straight off the back of their single release, And Spain's very own Jammin' Dose didn't leave much time before surprising their fans with a Valentine's Day release of their latest album, Gravity

The album opens with "No Surrender" which sets the tone up splendidly for what lays in wait. It is funky, infectious and has grooves in all the right places. The number makes you want to throw some shapes on the dance floor until you hit the dizzy highs of euphoria. Consequently, Soaring guitars, hypnotic vocals and funk filled beats keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. "On Time" follows with a heavier desire and depth. It is gritty, captivating and catchy. The brass section, hard drums and funk filled guitars are certainly on time, while the track shines bright like the sun. 

"Put It in the Fire" feat Gordo Master, Pepe Bao and O'Funk'illo is up next with a smooth, seductive, fiery and passionate number. It is vivid and radiates from start to finish, while Pepe Bao brings his signature groove on bass and Gordo Master spits his signature rhymes. Each diverse element of this track blends together without effort, and therefore creating an unforgettable ardour. Single release "Not Satisfied" feat Andreas Lutz makes its grand appearance. It is upbeat, infectious, captivating and powers forward without hesitation, while teasing until you climax. The track seduces every inch of your being and leaves you with a sweet hunger for much more.   

It is beautiful and gives you a taste of heaven......

"Good Life" is a feel good song from its core right to its fingertips, while it builds to the chorus through the dips and rises. It blends together well, as it dazzles, enchants and makes you smile. "Another Man" is inspiring and sincere, while the slower tempo is sultry, flirtatious and tantalising. A beautiful track with reggae beats and soulful vocals. 

The album comes to its close in the form of "No" feat Estirpe. It is hard, fast and bold, while the lyrics are in their mother tongue of Spanish. This is something slightly different for Jammin' Dose as we are used to them singing in English, but it definitely adds further diversity to their latest effort. Consequently, Pablo's and Mart's vocals compliment one another perfectly.

Gravity has an undeniable attractive force, which gives you a taste of heaven.  

Their new album is available now via all platforms.

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