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Jammin' Dose: Not Satisfied

Malaga's own Jammin' Dose are back with their first single release, "Not Satisfied" which is off their highly anticipated upcoming album, Gravity. And boy, these spectacular musicians know how to make you wait, writhe and crave for their mix of alternative rock, reggae, latino and funk.

"Not Satisfied" is filled with funk grooves from start to finish and features Andreas Lutz (O'Funk'illo). It is upbeat, infectious, captivating and powers forward without hesitation,while teasing until you climax. 

It powers forward, while teasing until you climax........ 

It is delicious, satisfying and knows how to seduce every inch of your being and, definitely leaves you with a sweet hunger for much more. 

It has all the ingredients to create a unique cocktail, which you will want to drink over and over, until the very last drop.   

Gravity is coming soon.

For updates and more info, please visit their Facebook page


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