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JARPS: Barcelona

JARPS is a band formed by Jorge Agustí and Roger Palomer and in 2014, they released their first effort Pay and Pity. By 2015, they were headed to London, UK, to take their music to the English stages and gained new experience, both musically and personally along the way. Fast forward to 2018 and the band are back with their new album, Barcelona

The record opens with "Everybody Shines" and this number shines bright with its name in lights. The song is full of positivity from start to finish. It is enchanting, infectious and utterly spellbinding. "I Feel Good" follows with its slightly slower tempo, while strong vocals encapsulate a classic style. It is empowering as the chorus hits and shows off a Beatles-esque sound from top to bottom. Such a feel good track, which will consequently have you hitting the play button over again. 

"Run and Hide" comes in ebbs and flows with catchy grooves and a slight dash of country to complete the mixer. Upbeat guitars keep the pace throughout, before they soar for an outstanding solo. "Flamingo" moves in with a captivating style and seduces in parts, as you drink up every last drop. You will be singing "Flamingo" before you even realise. 

"Weak Becomes Heroes" shows off true strength while it builds a solid structure for all to see. A cracking song throughout. "Life is a One Night Stand" dances into your vision, with charm and groovy riffs to boot. It shows off a 60's vibe with sensuality in parts, which just adds to the glamour. 

It is mystical, magical and what dreams sound like.......

"Dreaming Far Away" follows in a dream like state, as vocals echo through the intro. You lose yourself to the far away and do not want to wake up any time soon. It is mystical, magical and consequently, it is what dreams would sound like. "It's Easy" is next with a heavier, grooved filled number. It shows off rock n roll notions, while the light and dark blend and tease together to create a harmonious relationship. 

"Fandango" glides in with devilish, preppy and bright sounds. This track blooms with such love and is full of color. It pulls at the heart strings and shows off a beautiful side, which captivates and makes you fall in love. "To Me Now" is layered, full of body and attitude. It is hypnotic in parts, while grooves fill every curve. The song powers forward with such sass right until the sparkly climax. 

"Nineteen" is another sweet, classic sounding number, which you can't help but smile from ear to ear while you listen. "Growing Up" shows off hope, faith and such confidence. The album draws to its close in the shape of bonus track "Jo Què Sé." It seals every aspect off nicely with soul, character and plenty of color. 

Barcelona shows off a unique sound and groove, yet still manages to keep a classic element within the mix. It will have you smiling at every listen and is a complete bundle of joy.

Barcelona is available now.

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