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Killswitch Engage brings August Burns Red to Wallingford, CT 2/4/22

Killswitch Engage was supposed to take off on The Atonement Tour in early 2020 in support of their newest record Atonement which was released in August of 2019 and produced by none other than their own Adam D. However, thanks to the worldwide pandemic, touring as a whole, stopped completely for just about two years. Some artists were able to attempt and sustain good health during some socially distanced touring, but in the end, waiting to tour until 2022 seemed to be the right answer. So fast forward to the record being in fans hands now for over two years, we've all had a long time to digest the way the band has evolved over time.

We are fortunate that even after two years of not being able to tour and celebrate this album release, that August Burns Red and Light the Torch were both still available and on board to make this tour happen. As many people know, Light the Torch opened this tour with an astounding set from their latest release as well, You Will Be the Death of Me. Fronted by former Killswitch Engage vocalist Howard Jones, this tour was destined to be a party from the start. I loved every second of seeing Howard up there doing his thing after 25 years and still knocking them dead.

Light the Torch Setlist

More Than Dreaming

Calm Before the Storm

Let Me Fall Apart

The Bitter End

Death of Me

Living With a Ghost

Become the Martyr

The Safety of Disbelief

Wilting in the Light

Die Alone

August Burns Red was direct support for Killswitch and I'll tell you what, the energy and light show was off the charts. I don't know if it was just me and my lack of seeing a live concert in two years, but the performance put on by these fellas was second to none. This tour package was the perfect combination.

August Burns Red Setlist

The Truth of a Liar




Invisible Enemy



The Legend of Zelda Theme

Mariana's Trench


White Washed

Last but certainly not least, Killswitch Engage entered the chat with a prompt 9:50pm start time and took The Dome at The Oakdale to levels that are hard to reach for a staggering hour and ten minutes of hardcore music. I'd actually never seen a pit so big at this venue before and I've been to at least 100 metal shows there before. Mixing in old and new hits made the night just that much better for the diehard fans and the younger fans just getting into the band with the new record. The crowd favorites that night were easily "My Last Serenade", "In Due Time", "My Curse" and "The Signal Fire", which was performed with Howard Jones and is featured on Atonement with he and Jesse for the first time together. He also was out to perform his songs "Rose of Sharyn" & "The End of Heartache" from his time with Killswitch.

Killswitch Engage's Setlist


Hate By Design

The Crownless King

My Last Serenade

I Am Broken Too


Rise Inside

In Due Time

Daylight Dies

This Fire

Take This Oath



My Curse

Strength of the Mind

- with Howard Jones

Rose of Sharyn

The End of Heartache

The Signal Fire

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