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KITAI - Sala Madchester - Almeria, Spain 11/29/19

The excitement and anticipation was building in Sala Madchester last Friday night as KITAI prepared to take to the stage in Almeria city. The band had invited support act, Decorticans to warm up the crowd, before they came out locked, loaded and ready to explode.

KITAI cranked their gears to full throttle and came out blazing with “Fuego en la Radio” to the crowds delight, before going straight into “El Enemigo.” The band kept the pace going throughout while they romped through “Desierto”, “Cadaver Exquisito”, “Sientes El Golpe” and “Animal.”

They followed with one of their latest singles, “Shalalala” which had every gig-goer singing along with beaming smiles on their faces. “Coffee Shop”, Heading banging tune “Extasis” and “Melodrama” followed, and the venue was most definitely rocking by this point.

Then came time to take a breath while Alex stood with his guitar, and starting singing one of their slower numbers “KITAI” it was beautiful and absolutely breathtaking, before Edu’s soaring guitar kicked in, along with Deiv’s unique drumming and Fabio’s beefy bass.

The band continued with “H20”, "Que Vienen”, Lastest single release “Quierote” which had every single person singing te quiero, before they rounded the night off with fan favourite “Riviera Maya.”

You know you are always going to feel good when KITAI are playing, and this band are only going from strength to strength as each show passes. They are energetic, high powered and unique.

On a final note…..KITAI bring hope for the future.

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