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Korn & Alice in Chains - Xfinity Theater - Hartford, CT 8/10/19

Korn. The veteran Nu-Metal act is celebrating 25 years this year of bringing us fans nothing but great music. Over time, they’ve transformed from the ever-loved metallers to dabbling with dubstep and back to their signature slap bass and heavy hitting tracks.

With a new record in the works, they’ve decided to hit the road on a full North American Tour with Alice in Chains and Underoath. They stopped in Hartford, CT on the perfect night for a concert at the Xfinity Theater. Not a cloud in the sky and great weather at the amphitheater, and roughly 20,000 eager Korn fans who haven’t had them here in over two years. This was a classic Korn show, with only slight changes in the lineup for this one.

Korn has survived and adapted the ever changing times in music for the last 25 years, their lineup has mostly stayed the same with the exception of Brian “Head” Welch departing for a few years, then returning, as well as original drummer David Silveria leaving the band back in 2006 and was replaced with current drummer Ray Luzier. The show in Hartford was missing a very important piece of the puzzle, James “Munky” Shaffer who left the tour while anticipating the birth of his daughter. (Congrats are in order!) Taking his place was none other than JR Bareis, who has spent time with Love & Death with “Head” and formerly playing Guitar in Islander as well. He filled the big shoes of Munky and did a hell of a job.

With Korn reaching the milestone 25 year mark this fall, their setlist was something out of a fairytale book for diehard fans. Playing the classics such as “Blind”, “Twist”, “Shoots and Ladders”, “Freak on a Leash”, and of course “Falling Away From Me.” Of course there were songs for the new younger generation of fans with their newest single “You’ll Never Find Me”, and “Rotting in Vein” from their 2016 release. I’ve seen Korn perform live 30 times now, and i’ve yet to have a bad experience. This North American Tour is less than half way through and If I may suggest, buy yourself some tickets, and enjoy yourself a show. All of the bands on this bill are worth the price and getting there early.

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