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L.A. Guns - The Devil You Know (Album Review)

I finally had time to sit down, breathe and write about the new badass album from L.A. Guns, The Devil You Know, and boy, it takes you on a devilish and dirty high. The band have had many sonic shifts over the years, but are still capable of smashing out an exceptional glam metal, rock n roll feast. 

The record cracks open with “Rage.” It drops straight into gear and powers forward, while it swirls with frantic urgency and manages to hold the pace throughout. A catchy opener which delivers the goods on all points. “Stay Away” follows with a less frantic number. Mesmerising guitars take you to a hedonistic plain up above, while seeking to keep the rawness and sleaze centre stage. 

“Loaded Bomb” is pure filth and down right dirty from its core to its edges, while it makes sure to blow its load all over you. Sleazy distorted slide guitars bring an added curve to this track, which will make you ache for more. Title track “The Devil You Know” follows and it takes you on a darker path into the depths below. It seduces and calls to your soul, while punchy and soaring guitars enthral and grip hold of you. 

“Needle to the Bone” pushes forward with an upbeat preppy tempo, which will have you foot tapping before you know it. It knows how to push the needle in deep, as you feel it kick in. It is hectic in parts, while knowing when to pull it back to create an excellent contrast. Spellbinding, hypnotic guitars join the party to make sure maximum effort is reached on all scales and hard drumming stands its ground at the back. A cracking track from start to finish. “Going High” appears in a seductive and dangerous manner. It is charming and knows how to manipulate every inch of your body. It makes sure to send you on an unbelievable high, as dirty riffs scream out and tease until you reach your climax. 

Mesmerising guitars take you to a hedonistic plain up above, while seeking to keep the rawness and sleaze centre stage.

“Gone Honey” slides in as smooth and sticky as honey. It is sweet, delicious and undeniable. The song manoeuvres forward without any hesitation, while soaring skilful guitars allure and fascinate. “Don’t Need To Win” shows off vintage swagger, it is entertaining from start to finish and knows how to win the game. 

“Down That Hole” knows how to groove throughout, while throwing in some slide guitar for good measure and you will definitely want to go back down that hole for more. “Another Season In Hell” draws the record to its close. What can I say, It is stunning, beautiful and simply, unforgettable. 

The Devil You Know has all the elements you want from a vintage, guitar crunching and downright dirty rock n roll album. 

L.A. Guns sure know how tease and please. 


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