Mayday Parade & EmoNight Brooklyn Forever Emo Tour - Toad's Place New Haven, CT

Article - Mariusz Rdultowski

Photos - Nick Smarra

Last Monday, I got to let my angsty 2000’s teenage self loose in New Haven, CT as Mayday Parade’s Forever Emo Tour rolled into town, featuring Emo Night Brooklyn as the opener. Mayday Parade is currently on tour celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their killer album Anywhere But Here, but they have also launched this second tour in tandem which features the band playing covers of many of the nostalgic emo songs of the previous decade. Emo Night Brooklyn hosts Emo Night across the country, where they play music from such artists as Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Sum 41, and a variety of others all culminating into an extraordinary night jam packed with excitement and energy as everyone proves that it was never really a phase.

This stop in the Forever Emo Tour was hosted by Toad’s Place, located in downtown New Haven right next to the Yale University campus. Toad’s Place is a small venue showcasing a central stage in the middle of a wide-open floor, allowing for a decent number of people to attend events while also creating an intimate experience as you are never far away from the action on stage.

Emo Night Brooklyn kicked the night off with a bang. From the moment the DJ, Josh, took the stage, the entire hall was overcome with a wave of passion as everyone immediately started dancing and singing at the top of their lungs. Josh was very interactive with the crowd, bringing microphones up to attendees to sing into, speaking with them, and running around on stage to really stoke the fire of the night. The song selection was phenomenal, providing great variety across many different bands and hits and keeping everyone constantly moving. I have been to multiple emo nights, both sponsored by Emo Night Brooklyn as well as other variants, and Emo Night Brooklyn has consistently delivered some of the most engaging and thrilling experiences that almost always finds me losing my voice and having my legs feel like jello the next morning. Monday was no exception, and I am absolutely looking forward to the next time they swing back into the area so I can go to another show!

After Emo Night Brooklyn got the crowd hyped up and energized, Mayday Parade took the stage. When the band walked out to greet the audience, Toad’s Place went wild with electrifying vibes that shook the whole building. Mayday Parade jumped right into it by starting out their set with “Cute Without the ‘E’ (Cut from the Team)” by Taking Back Sunday, and from there it was hit after hit of many of the classics, each of which were masterfully covered. The band truly did an astounding job with every tune they played. A full track list of the songs from the night can be found in Inside the Setlist’s Spotify playlist below. Mixed into the set were some original Mayday Parade songs such as “Oh Well, Oh Well”, “Jaime All Over”, and “Jersey”, which made the show all the more amazing. The Tallahassee, FL band had incredible light displays that, coupled with their lively stage presence, sent shockwaves through the audience that created an atmosphere of pure emo bliss. Everyone was thrilled to be there and belt the tunes alongside Mayday Parade, myself included. Overall, they are fantastic performers and the awesomeness of their musical resume cannot be overstated. This tour, as well as any show being held by Emo Night Brooklyn, are must-attend experiences, so if either are in your area, be sure to block off some time to check them out!