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Miguel Lamas: My Expression Way

From early childhood Miguel Lamas was connected to the world of music because part of his family worked in the industry. At 4 years old he began playing drums with many obstacles, since it was virtually impossible to reach the pedals, cymbals and dishes simultaneously. At 5 years old, he began attending music theory and drum classes at the 'Escola da Vaca' by professor Manolo Perez. 

He is the official endorser of Pearl Drums, Meinl Cymbals & Percussion, Wincent Drumsticks, Evans Drumheads, Cympad, Ahead Armor Cases & Earprotech. 

In 2016, Miguel released his first solo album, Melted Lives, to high acclaim far and wide.  

Fast forward to 2018 and he is back with his second effort, My Expression Way.  

The album opens with "Political Benefit," with funk filled grooves, upbeat drum beats and tempo, while it slows in parts, to create a euphoric atmosphere across the board. A great opening number, which sets the record off nicely. "Galifornia" is next, with its jazz infused cover of Phantom Planet's 2002 hit, "California." It features Lin Cortes and brings a layered, unique take with a twist, on this popular track. It stands out like a brand new musical piece and will make you fall in love all over again. 

Title track "My Expression Way" follows with a strong rhythm, as it grooves and spirals high for all to see. It is soulful, expressive and full of character. It features Olaya Alcazar and man, it certainly drives forward in the right way. "Trinca Cohete" is fast, funky and fuelled with passion. Andreas Lutz brings his signature vocals along for the ride, as it makes you want to dance with all the right feels.   

"A Espera Dos Acontecementos" slows the tempo for a sensual, seductive and inviting number. It is actually a reworking of an instrumental track, which featured on Miguel's 2016 album. But this time around, it has the added elements of a beautiful lyrical affair. It is simple, yet powerful and quite enchanting. "Angry Animal" follows and brings the instrumental element to the party. The drums drive forward and navigate rock guitars, funk and jazz for this sublime blend of sounds and instruments. It is captivating and utterly spellbinding. 

The drums are the driving force throughout, showing off a distinct, unique and signature sound.

"Space" is an interlude of sorts. It is space like, which includes what I believe is to be audio (or part of an audio) from Star Trek, as James Kirk is mentioned. Distorted, out of this world sounds build until its quick climax. "Warp.5.2" flows in with a soft, light and delicate sound. It is stunning throughout, as each instrument plays prominently. 

"Scb" oozes jazz, attitude and completely divine. It is layer upon layer of musical goodness. "Fussion" draws the record to its close. The number starts off slow and faint. The drum beats build, while the accents spice it up. The perfect end, to the perfect expression. 

The drums are the driving force throughout, showing off a distinct, unique and signature sound, as the beats hold every element together and It allows each aspect to shine bright in their own light.

It is expressive on all levels, radiates expertise and is absolutely spellbinding.  

My Expression Way is available now. 

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