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MNQN - mnqn (Album Review)

“I was built by the Sentience Corp. They called me MNON. They wanted a slave - a mannequin. No longer. I am MNQN. Reaching out from here to there.”

MNQN is the new independent experiment from Starset’s Dustin Bates and he has definitely created something ultra futuristic, creative and breathtaking. 

The album kicks starts with “Config.Sys” which creates the scene for what is to come. It gives you the feeling of a machine being turned on and activated. “iGhost” follows in slowly, before building and offering an atmospheric and futuristic feeling, which you can sense working and moving through your veins. It leaves you with a desire and infatuation for more. 

“Amphetamine” is hazy, addictive and stimulating throughout, while it takes you on a complete mood altering high. You lose yourself to it and unconditionally surrender to its beauty. “Animal Oddity” is out of this world, atmospheric and animalistic from its core to the trace of its outline. It is infectious, upbeat and such a rare thing. 

“Out of Sight out of Mind” is haunting, enchanting and gets inside your head after the first listen. You can’t help but keep going back for more as you let it take you over. “Man on the Moon” is another catching track, which you fall in love with and will find yourself hitting the play button over and over. It follows the futuristic notions and sounds as the latter, while bringing its own character to the album. 

It makes you sit back and immerse yourself in its every innovative groove. 

“What Have You Become?” digs a little deeper and shows off darker sounds, while hitting hard and making sure you fully understand each layer, as it builds and swirls chaotically. It makes you sit down and immerse yourself in its every groove. “On My Mind” taps into your conscience and embeds itself into your thoughts. You can’t clear your mind as you become besotted with it. 

“Don’t Get It” holds it own, while creating this unforgettable and interesting track. It makes you think by resonating feeling through sounds. Solid track from start to finish. “Zombie” is stirring, evocative and moving. It demonstrates the lingering feeling of not being able to let go of the past and how you can’t banish it from your present life. 

“Noir” is classic, strange and innovative. The scenery captures your attention and holds it throughout, without letting go. “Invincible” picks the tempo back up for a preppy, optimistic and hopeful song. It shows off strength and courage to fight on and keep moving forward. 

“Terminal” is cool, distinctive and nostalgic, while “What Dreams May Come” draws this artistic masterpiece to its close. It mirrors the process of shutting down and completes this futuristic journey, without any effort. 

mnqn is creative, artistic and cleverly executed. 

The album is available now via all platforms. 

For more info, please visit the Facebook page


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