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Motion City Soundtrack Don't Call it a Comeback Tour w/ The Sidekicks & Lipstick Jodi,Detroit1/3/20

Motion City Soundtrack is back at it! Saint Andrew's Hall in Detroit was sold out for their third stop on their "Don't Call it a Comeback" Tour on Friday, January 3rd. The venue was filled with eager fans ready to dance and sing along to songs like "Everything is Alright" and "The Future Freaks Me Out". The crowd gave Motion City Soundtrack an enthusiastic and engaging welcome back.

Lipstick Jodi is a three piece band out of Grand Rapids, MI who started off the night. I would describe them as a pop band but they're definitely edgy. All three members of Lipstick Jodi are instrumental artists. This band made me dance and I really enjoyed Lipstick Jodi's performance. Lead singer, Karli Morehouse explained that she had just been getting over a sickness. My friend and I agreed that we could not notice, Karli is a powerhouse of a vocalist.

The Sidekicks introduced themselves as a band from Cleveland, Ohio. The moment they began their first song they started jumping all over stage. They were having a great time and so was the crowd. The sidekicks played several songs that I was humming along to on my drive home even though I hadn't heard them before. The Sidekicks have an indie pop sound that also makes you want to dance! There was a lot of dancing happening at Saint Andrew's Hall.

Saint Andrew's Hall was packed following The Sidekicks performance. There was barely room to move. I had not seen Motion City Soundtrack before but from the amount of people there I could tell this was about to be a fantastic show. Motion City Soundtrack came out and opened with "Attractive Today" and went right into "Everything is Alright". I am assuming everyone was feeling just as nostalgic as I was. As the show continued, the fans sang along to every song. They sound really beautiful live, especially when they played some of my favorites "Hold Me Down"and "When You're Around". Motion City Soundtrack got a very warm welcome back after a three year hiatus. The band was excited to be back as well, they were having a good time with the crowd and with each other. I highly recommend catching them on this tour.

Motion City Soundtrack's Setlist:

Attractive Today

Everything Is Alright

Broken Heart


It Had To Be You

When You're Around

Her Words Destroyed My Planet

A Lifeless Ordinary (Need a Little Help)

Last Night

My Favorite Accident

Make Out Kids

Time Turned Fragile

Capital H

This Is For Real

Better Open The Door

Even If It Kills Me

Hold Me Down



The Future Freaks Me Out

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