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Nonpoint releases "X" on Spinefarm Records - August 24, 2018

Nonpoint has been a key player in the rock and metal scene since their inception in 1997. Dubbed one of the hardest working bands in the industry, it proves time and time again with every album they’ve made. After releasing one of their best albums to date in 2015, The Poison Red, the band decided they needed a much needed break.

Taking nearly 2 years off from their usual full-time touring, this brought a much more rejuvenated Nonpoint to the studio when it was time to start recording their latest record, X! As a Nonpoint fan since the beginning, I’ve always wondered after releasing such amazing work, how will they top that? Yet, somehow Elias and company put together something riveting and absolutely flawless every single time.

This album starts with “Empty Batteries,” certainly blowing your headphones off and setting a serious tone for what’s in store for the rest of the album. Frontman Elais Soriano says about the track “For the most part, it’s really about looking inside, You’re reaching down, getting into a battle with yourself, and realizing there’s more to be done. A lot of people today need coaching or permission to fill their batteries – but they can do it themselves. They simply need to have a fucking dream and a goal. You’re getting the last little bit of gusto, refilling it, and going again.”

The very next track is the first single from X, “Chaos & Earthquakes,” which also hits you hard, both listening and emotionally. The track is driven from all the craziness in the world news that is the “Chaos” in 2018. Elias says that “We’re watching an End-of-days scenario play out constantly in the media. The lyrics urge getting away from the madness. I, myself, literally stopped watching. I don’t want to feel that anymore.”

You can watch the Chaos & Earthquakes video HERE:

The next few tracks “Fix This,” “Crashing,” and “Passive Aggressive” are absolute destroyers, and by that I mean they’re not only traditional nonpoint, but with catchy riffs and solid bass lines that bassist Adam808 grooves on, he’s just dropping bombs in perfect timing. “Dodge Your Destiny” stays with this flow of deep and flowing lines, yet picks you up at the same time.

The album doesn’t slow, not even for one second, yet brings you to a mellow state for the last two tracks “Feel The Way I Feel” and “Position One” with Elias’s melodies and flawless strong voice, that may just be his best work yet in over twenty years with Nonpoint.

Order the new album - Nonpoint - X


1: Empty Batteries 3:55

2: Chaos and Earthquakes 3:34

3: Fix This 3:49

4: Crashing 2:53

5: Passive Aggressive 3:48

6: Dodge Your Destiny 3:27

7: Wheel Against Will 3:53

8: Milestone 3:35

9: Feel the Way I Feel 3:48

10: Position One 3:17


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