• Scott Langevin

Nothing More with Badflower and Palisades - The Webster Theatre in Hartford, CT - 3/11/19

Nothing More always brings an insane show when they come to town, it doesn't matter if they open the night, or if they headline, like in Hartford, CT on a Monday. You think a Monday would be a slow night, not too many people would make it out, well you'd be wrong. Nothing More almost SOLD OUT the 2000 capacity venue in the heart of the capital city. 

On this tour with Nothing More was Palisades, a band in which has gained quite the bit of traction in the past few years and has been producing some epic long releases. Their short set rocked the packed house.

Following Palisades was Badflower with the punk rock style and energy that always makes for a great time. They got the crowd's blood pumping in hopes for a high energy night. 

Sadly, Of Mice & Men was scheduled to perform as well, however there was a medical emergency that was not discussed with the crowd and they did not come out to play. Their gear was removed from the stage and Nothing More was set to come out an hour early. 

Nothing More came out promptly at 8:30pm and left literally Nothing More....when it came to putting in your all. Rocking the small Connecticut venue for over an hour and a half, the production was one of the best shows that I've attended in quite awhile. With their signature "Scorpion Tail," to the fabricated ladder that frontman Jonny Hawkins climbs to begin the show, the drum "quartet" to end the show...it was intense. There are still some dates left on this tour so get out there and see it before its over. I'm going to venture a guess that a new production and set up is in line for their next album, so check this out before it is gone!